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First - we have received your application, and in the next 48 hours I will personally be reviewing your submissions.

Second - If I personally pre-approve your application, then you will be contacted by our Head Coach Steve (He is so stellar we literally get testimonials from people who speak to him for just 15 minutes). His jobs is to look at your goals, determine if we’re the right fit to get you there, and if so, walk you through exactly what that will look like.

Third - You should have an email right now with some initial trainings that will prepare you for our session and help you get started growing your business right now! Dive into it now and start learning so you'll be ready when for the call!

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We often receive around 100 session requests in one month. We will review
your application and if we believe we’d be a good fit, we will contact you to schedule a full interview.

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