Publish Date : August 16, 2016

What emails should I send when someone joins my list?

In today’s episode, I’m walking you through the three types of emails that you should send to someone after they join your mailing list. It can be hard to decide on how many emails to send to your mailing list and what to include in those emails, so that they don’t end up in the junk mail. I'm going to clarify it all for you today!

Prefer To Read? Here's Your Transcript:

With everyone being inundated with hundreds of emails each day, it can be hard to figure out exactly how many emails to send to your mailing list and what to include in those emails, so they don't end up in junk mail. Today, I'm walking you through the 3 types of emails you should send to someone as soon as they join your mailing list.

I used to be afraid to send emails. I put in all the work to build my list and I let it sit for months, because I was too nervous about breaking inbox etiquette and upsetting people.

But, there's no point in having a list if you're not going to use it! With that in mind, here are the 3 types of emails you can send to your list without ending up in spam:

1. Welcome Email or Indoctrination Sequence

When someone joins your list, you want to make sure their welcome experience really wows them from day 1. The first email they get after they sign up for your list will determine if they continue to open and click on your emails. This is arguably the most important email you'll ever send. In your first email or welcome email, share your story to help them get to know you, let them know what to expect from you in future emails, and open up a hook to the next emails you're going to send. You want them to be waiting around with their mouth watering to get your next email.

2. Delivery Emails or Consumption Sequence

Typically when someone joins a mailing list, it's because they opted in for a free gift. It's good for you and for them when they use and consume that free gift. If it's a PDF, you want them to read it. If it's a video, you want them to watch it. If it's a webinar, you want them to show up. After your welcome emails, you want to track what your subscriber is doing. If they aren't clicking on or downloading the gift, send them reminders to make sure they consume it.

3. Follow Up Emails or Sales Sequence

Typically every free gift should have some type of pitch that naturally leads into another offer, whether it's a paid product, a phone call, or another free gift you want them to consume. If the subscriber doesn't consume the free gift they opted-in for or if they do but don't take you up on the pitch right away, you want a follow-up sequence in place to remind them about your offer. Typically I use a series of 4 emails for this.

So, if you've been wondering what exactly to send to your subscribers after they request a free from you, now you know: 1) Start off with a killer welcome email that will get them to continue opening and clicking. 2) Follow up with them to make sure they actually use the gift they opted-in for. 3) Finally, send a series of around 4 emails to remind them about your next offer.



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