Publish Date : July 26, 2016

3 Tips to Maximize Your Time

How can you crush your goals and have a massive impact, while still keeping your free time and your sanity? Today we dive into some shifts you can make in your business in order to reduce the actual amount of work you’re doing, and help reduce any overwhelm you may be feeling.

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Your to-do list piles up as fast as the bills come in, and it just doesn't feel like there's enough time in the day to get it all done. The hustle's getting old and all you want to do is finally slow down and enjoy your life again. Sound familiar?

It did for me too. While I currently work part-time hours, am known to go days without answering my phone, take 10+ vacations a year, and still have a reliable income and massive impact while loving every day of life, I used to spend all of my time chained to my computer, trying to get everything done, and always feeling massively behind.

So how do you go from Completely Burnt Out Making Ok Money to a Balanced Entrepreneur Making Bank? There were 3 key shifts I had to take. Here they are:

Make Peace With The Pace That Works For You

How much of your to-do list gets done in one day doesn't really matter as long as you feel at peace and you're always taking one step forward. When I went through a rebrand, I wasn't really creating content or doing my usual PR work. I could've beat myself up about not keeping up with the other leaders in my industry in that time, but I didn't because I was happy with how I was spending my time and with the pace I was going at. Not everyone moves at the same pace or prioritizes the same things in a day, so remember...it's not about how you spend your time, it's about how you FEEL about how you spend your time.

Whether You're Firm or Flexible, The First Priority Is FOCUS

Forget what time management gurus tell you about what works to get more done. Most will tell you to track and map out every minute of your day. But the truth is, there isn't one size fits all solution. Most time management strategies center around how to manage your calendar, but the most important thing is to manage your focus. So what's going to allow for YOU to be most focused during the day? Generally, there are two types of people:

The FIRM: Folks who thrive when every minute of their day is mapped out and they know exactly what they're supposed to accomplish for the day. They have a long to-do list but every item on their list is scheduled as an event in their calendar. You've gotta be great under pressure and keeping to timelines on this model.

The FLEXIBLE: Folks who get overwhelmed by long to-do lists and endless events on the calendar. Personally, this makes me feel like I don't have the control to choose how I spend my day. Instead, I have a shorter to-do list of 1-3 of the most important action steps I have to take that day and that's all I focus on in that time. It's totally up to me when I do them. You must be disciplined for this model.

So whether you're flexible or firm with your calendar and to-do list, remember the most important thing is to create the conditions that allow you to be the most FOCUSED during the day.

Choose Quality Over Volume

A lot of entrepreneurs consciously recognize it's impossible to get everything done, but still wonder how they can get more done in one day. Well, it is possible to get everything done; it just might take a while. If you try to get it all done in one day, you might run yourself into the ground. Instead of trying to cram a month's worth of work in one day, focus on having the maximum impact within your working hours. 



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