“I Implemented Last Minute And STILL Made My Money Back”

“I joined the Cash Injection program just before I was about to go on a two week vacation abroad. But, I was at a point where many events in my personal life had started to seep into my business productivity and I was starting to feel blah about where I was going. I hadn't launched anything in a while and I was just sort of coasting by and doing contract work. That's why I said yes because I have always had great experiences with Amanda's programs. So, when I joined, I also knew I would get started really late in the game, literally only a handful of days before the end. So, I jumped in, followed the lessons, figured out really quickly which campaign was ideal for what I wanted to do, and just followed the steps. The best part was I didn't have to do a whole lot to set anything up. I didn't have to create any big funnels or do a ton of webinars. I knew exactly who to reach out to. I only really invited members from my list and Facebook group to the program, made back the money I had invested in the program and more in those few days, and more women joined after the Cash Injection program was technically over. One of the unexpected results was that through my brief efforts of inviting women to the program, I also enrolled a new private client into my higher ticket one-one-one coaching services. She had decided she wanted more than the group program and upgraded. I didn't burn out doing some crazy launch, had an awesome new group to add to my program, and a great new private client all in under a month..”

~ Sarah Wood, Health/Wellness Coach, Washington
Had A Facebook Group To Tap Into