I DOUBLED my investment as a COMPLETE newbie

The thing that drove me to Amanda first was her high-high integrity and high vibration. Then I watched her webinars and they were MIND-BLOWING. Amanda is also fantastic at building relationships. I remember as a member of her free group, I just asked one question and I was stunned – she PMd me that day with a clear answer. I read it and said “THIS is my coach.” And from working with her, I've completely transformed this year! Really I can't say enough… she over-delivered! Her trainings are unbelievable. I've doubled my investment in her program as a complete newbie with no experience in marketing at all, zero skills online, and as a major techno-phobe. My first win was within 3 weeks just learning how to elegantly connect with and sell to people online. The second was making sales in my facebook group and getting my first ever clients online. And the BIG transformation was during the (very organized) Webinar Workshop – this was really profound! – Amanda remembered my story and turned my gifts into a new powerful positioning statement. Afterwards, I posted this in my group and THAT DAY, I got 2 sales!