Balance Has Taken On A New Meaning!

Before working with Amanda, I was relying on offline marketing strategies that I didn't enjoy, like live networking and cold calling. I chose to work with Amanda because she was so transparent even in her free trainings. Then, when I joined her program, right away Amanda gave us quick cash injection strategies to help us recoup our investment before we even started the program, along with templates because she truly is the “Template Queen”. Everything Amanda does is very step-by-step, so I haven't found it to be overwhelming at all (even for very technical topics). What I love most is that Amanda is an out of the box thinker who always comes up with an interesting idea out of left-field, plus she is a strategic optimist who encourages you to look on the bright side which really impacts the energy and outlook you bring to your business. Since working with Amanda, balance has taken on a new meaning, I've been published in the Huffington Post, I started a Facebook Group that is picking up momentum, and I'm getting more speaking gigs too!