Policies: Facebook Group Rules

The Balanced Entrepreneur Facebook Group is a Closed Group for entrepreneurs who are committed to growing a profitable, balanced business and aren't afraid to get a little nerdy to do it. 
*Gasp* “Nerdy?'
C'mon… Nerds are the REAL cool kids, and you know why?
Nerds follow their passions, no matter what the bullies say.
Nerds can get totally lost in their work but at the end of the day, they know what's important in life.
Nerds work smarter, not harder!
That's why nerds get all the best rewards for doing so well in school. So check out your free gifts for joining:
To get the full picture, take a read at our group Nerdinances (yeah, that's my not-so-clever combination of “Nerd” and “Ordinance”, muahahah)
– Nerds really are the “good guys” even though they crave – sometimes secretly – the excitement of breaking the rules.
  • IN OTHER WORDS: Keep it clean. Spam or unsolicited promotional posts will not be tolerated. This is a forum for high quality marketing and biz building strategies. 
  • WHAT IS A PROMOTION: A promotion is any post where you are selling something or getting people to opt in. This includes (but is not limited to) promoting a live or virtual event (ie. webinar), asking for feedback on a sales page when really you just want to post the link for people to see, posting a link to your website, social media profiles, or facebook group, quote images or any other image with website URLs or phone numbers on them, requests for people to like your fan page, and anything with an affiliate link is also a promotion. For this reasons, Facebook Live Streams run by anyone other than the owner of the group are not allowed. These types of posts will be deleted immediately.
  • WHEN YOU CAN PROMOTE: There will be a thread on Thursdays on which you will be invited to promote your offerings. Please keep your promotions ON THE THREAD only. Please note that Market Like A Nerd, LLC does not officially endorse any of the members of this Group, or their products or services. Click, opt-in, buy, etc at your own risk.
  • HERE ARE IDEAS FOR NON-PROMOTIONAL POSTS THAT YOU CAN CREATE IN THE GROUP: Your introduction, business tips, questions, job postings, valuable content with no opt in, other people's resources you love, stories, and anything else that the group can get genuinely receive value from without needing to purchase or opt in.
  • DISCLAIMER: As the creator of this group, Market Like A Nerd LLC and Amanda Goldman-Petri are allowed to promote as needed. We are responsible for creating, growing, maintaining, and even investing money in this group. Therefore, it's only fair that we are allowed to promote. Amanda will work to keep it to a minimum. You should expect that when we are “in launch mode” Amanda will promote her paid offerings and when we are not, she will promote value-only content.
  • TIP: We encourage you to come up with clever ways to break this rule. Think outside the box for how you can promote yourself without being disrespectful to DA RULES (as Jorgen Von Strangle would say). HERE ARE MY RULES AROUND PROMOTIONS (AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HOW TO BREAK THEM): Take a look at the items I described above that are acceptable. If you can weave your promotion into one of those categories without using a link, then you just might get away with it. And, if you're not sure, ASK!! I am just a PM away.
– Nerds are professionals in the office, but even they have a wild side.
  • IN OTHER WORDS: We will not tolerate offensive or violent language; hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs; links or comments containing sexually explicit content material; violations of copyright or intellectual property rights, spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices; attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual; commercial solicitations or the promotion of a competitor. In other words…. BE NICE!!!
  • DISCLAIMER: We're totally okay if you want to drop an F bomb in here. That shits expected, honestly.
– Nerds put in the effort now, because in the future, they don't want to do jack sh*t. 
  • IN OTHER WORDS: We ask that you take the resources and tips we supply you with seriously. Respond, implement, and take action to grow your business. Don't squander a great resource and an opportunity to have everything in business and life that you want.
  • DISCLAIMER: We do however totally understand that you are working towards a life that you will love and you don't want your business to consume your entire life, so remember to take some YOU time amidst all of the implementation.
– Nerds love other nerds (even the ones they're competing against for the highest grade in the class).
  • This means… We are super appreciative of those who invite friends, share what they learn, and help grow the community. The more friend we have here, the better we all can be. So spread the word (and the #NerdLove)
  • This also means… You'll likely have some competitors in the group, so play nice 🙂 
– Nerds participate in class (that's why the teachers love them so much). 
  • To help you participate, I've orchestrated DAILY THEMES to guide our conversations. Check the group description for more information.
– Nerds help the other kids in class (without expecting anything, except maybe Friendship, in return). 
  • Actually take the time to give thoughtful feedback to others. We are here to help each other. Don't just promote yourself in here all of the time without thinking about how you can give back.
  • When someone inevitably posts something vulnerable and personal in here, please (a) lend your support, and (b) respect their privacy. Copying, Sharing, Or Using Group Content In Any Way Is Strictly Prohibited.
  • I love for you to help and support, however adding Documents or Events are not allowed. Please find other ways to support.
– Sometimes nerds feel the need to rebel. And sometimes that gets them kicked out of class.
  • Meaning… if you break the rules, you will get banned from the group.
Thanks for joining, participating, and being my peeps 🙂 Mad love! xoxo – Amanda http://MarketLikeANerd.com
This group is run by Goldman-Petri Coaching, LLC. All resources that are posted, and all contests or sweepstakes that are run by Goldman-Petri Coaching or any other member of the Group are in no way associated with Facebook. Goldman-Petri coaching is not affiliated with or officially supporting other members of this group, or resources that are discussed within the group or files section. Goldman-Petri Coaching makes no promises, financial or otherwise, as to the results you will see by being a member of this group or participating in the activities promoted by Goldman-Petri Coaching, group members, or resources that are discussed in the group. The purpose of this group is to be a fun, safe place to network with other entrepreneurs who value work-life balance.