As a NERD Myself, I understand you want to do your homework before entering into a relationship or working together. That’s why I’ve compiled this handy list of testimonials for you from my current and past clients. Listen to them talk about their experiences and transformations.


Listen to my listen’s share about the money they’ve
generated from working together.

I Banked $10K BEFORE The VIP Day

I've spent A LOT of money on coaches before, and I have to say that this was by far the most value I've ever received. Even in the beginning, you gave me some content to use to my list to sell some VIP days of my own. Right away, that paid for the VIP day itself because I banked $10K from that immediately. I also learned how to structure transformational content without having to work so hard which is huge for a busy mom of 3!

I Made $5K in 2 Weeks!

It's so exciting to have a SYSTEM for making money now. Not only was I able to get my FIRST EVER 1-on-1 coaching clients in 2 weeks (totally around $5,000), but I also had my most successful webinar EVER using your system... and these numbers don't even include renewals!

I'm Getting Sales Calls Every Day!

The biggest breakthrough for me was very unexpected. It was you teaching me to stand in my power confidently as a leader. That and the Facebook Group marketing strategies you've taught have not only gotten me my first paying clients, but I'm also getting sales calls on my calendar every day now!

I DOUBLED my investment as a COMPLETE newbie

The thing that drove me to Amanda first was her high-high integrity and high vibration. Then I watched her webinars and they were MIND-BLOWING. Amanda is also fantastic at building relationships. I remember as a member of her free group, I just asked one question and I was stunned - she PMd me that day with a clear answer. I read it and said "THIS is my coach." And from working with her, I've completely transformed this year! Really I can't say enough... she over-delivered! Her trainings are unbelievable. I've doubled my investment in her program as a complete newbie with no experience in marketing at all, zero skills online, and as a major techno-phobe. My first win was within 3 weeks just learning how to elegantly connect with and sell to people online. The second was making sales in my facebook group and getting my first ever clients online. And the BIG transformation was during the (very organized) Webinar Workshop - this was really profound! - Amanda remembered my story and turned my gifts into a new powerful positioning statement. Afterwards, I posted this in my group and THAT DAY, I got 2 sales!


Listen to my listen’s share about the transformations that have occurred for them within themselves and within their lives (because there is more to creating results than just making money).

I'm Finally Getting High End Clients!

I can't stop buying from you, everything is so valuable! Right away, you taught me how to script my sales conversations in a way that worked and I sold right away. Then after we shifted my positioning, I was able to finally get some high end clients in the door (which paid for the program and then some). You are so authentic and inspiring - thank you for everything!

I've TRIPLED Raised My Prices

Before this I was working 3x as hard to make the income that now I can make with less clients. I've streamlined my entire business, tripled my prices, and I'm positioning myself in a completely new way to attract higher-paying clients! If you're running a business, you want to scale up, get bigger clients, Amanda is your woman.

I've started taking on 1-on-1 clients!

When you got me on the phone, I was taking notes like a mad woman. It was REALLY GOOD STUFF! That's when I knew that you totally knew what you were talking about. Since working together, I've started taking on 1-on-1 clients and I think I've really perfected my group programs. I love how you set up your modules very clear cut and step-by-step.

I Booked 20 Calls In 2 Weeks!

It's been 100% worth it. The biggest thing for me is how you've helped me get over my own crap. I truly believe in myself now. It's also amazing how every question that someone has, you're like "Oh I've got something for that!" Literally everything!


Listen to my listen’s share about what the experience
is like working together.

I Got Over My Fear and Got On the Phone!

Before working with Amanda, I was completely overwhelmed with info and really confused about what the heck I needed to do... until I stumbled across one of Amanda's webinars and it was very eye-opening for me. Working with Amanda gave me an organized step-by-step plan and not only took me out of overwhelm, but also got me facing my fears, doing so many scary things (like talking to prospects on the phone for the first time ever)! It was so valuable and I've never regretted it!

I Keep Coming Back For More!

I didn't have any systems in place. I was drained, exhausted, and cranky! I loved that you were the Automation Queen, so not only do you direct us to the best tools online but you also train us on how to use them. That's how I was able to set up an easy automated scheduling system. It's also why all of my podcasts guests always compliment me on how seamless my system is to schedule and prepare them for the interview! These are all time saving things! That's why I keep coming back over and over again!

I'm Finally Getting On The Phone With Prospects!

I hired Amanda because I could tell she is extremely successful, she is very confident, and she always has amazing ideas. Before coming to her I was very scattered in my business and never had a plan in place to get where I wanted to go. I needed her to map out my next steps, and that's exactly what she did. The biggest breakthrough was her recommendation that I start doing discovery calls, which I was very nervous about at first (I'm better behind the screen) so I never had experience. But I did it and it was an amazing experience and it taught me so much. I'm really glad she encouraged me to do that. So if you're on the fence, just go for it!

Balance Has Taken On A New Meaning!

Before working with Amanda, I was relying on offline marketing strategies that I didn't enjoy, like live networking and cold calling. I chose to work with Amanda because she was so transparent even in her free trainings. Then, when I joined her program, right away Amanda gave us quick cash injection strategies to help us recoup our investment before we even started the program, along with templates because she truly is the "Template Queen". Everything Amanda does is very step-by-step, so I haven't found it to be overwhelming at all (even for very technical topics). What I love most is that Amanda is an out of the box thinker who always comes up with an interesting idea out of left-field, plus she is a strategic optimist who encourages you to look on the bright side which really impacts the energy and outlook you bring to your business. Since working with Amanda, balance has taken on a new meaning, I've been published in the Huffington Post, I started a Facebook Group that is picking up momentum, and I'm getting more speaking gigs too!