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  • Discover how I paid off $10,000 in debt AND fixed my credit score in just 90 days... and how you can too!
  • Learn how to kick old money stories to the curb... so you can write a new money story that gives you and your family the income, freedom, and peace of mind you want!
  • No more sweaty palms and second thoughts when you whip out that credit card... I'll show you how to confidently make any money decision with zero anxiety!
  • Receive a clear, strategic plan (no magical woo-woo methods or fluffy emotional filler) for eliminating debt fast and managing your money... so you can make more money, live stress free, and make a bigger impact with your business starting today!
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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It's Amanda Goldman-Petri here (you might know me as the marketing coach and super nerd who is serious about showing entrepreneurs how to work smarter – not harder – to achieve a lifestyle and business they love), and I'd like to ask you a question...

Would you like to create serious wealth in your business... so that you can enjoy more freedom, fine things, and fun – without ever worrying about finances or going into debt?

Who wouldn't, right?!

Now, let me ask you this:

Are you willing to face the numbers in your business and take a long, hard look at how you're managing your money right now?

In other words, are you serious about getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and reinventing your money story so that your business, income, and dreams can EXPLODE?

In just a moment, I'm going to hand you a proven, step-by-step system for eliminating debt, overcoming your family's money legacy, and finally creating wealth so that you can enjoy the fun, freedom-filled lifestyle you really deserve.

But first, there's one thing you have to understand:

There's More to Building a Profitable Business
Than Just Good Marketing.

Now, I know we haven't met face to face just yet, but I'm willing to bet I know a little something about you.

Because you're still reading this page, you've realized that in order to experience the income, growth, and freedom you really want in your business and life, you've got to have more than just good marketing.

You also need to get a solid grip on the money coming in and going out of your business.

See, money management and marketing go hand in hand. One can't succeed without the other.

No matter how good your marketing is, if you're deep in debt, afraid of investing in your business, or don't know how to save and spend money consciously, you won't be able to make the best business decisions or earn what you really deserve. Ultimately, your business will fail because you failed to face the numbers.

But for many entrepreneurs – smart, passionate, driven people just like you – managing money is a heck of a lot harder than it sounds.

Managing Your Money Can Feel like a Nightmare

There are endless reasons why you struggle with money in your business...

  • You might be drowning in tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in debt...
  • You might not know how to track your money... so you end up feeling stressed and out of control of your business and finances...
  • You might not know how to pay down debts while saving money... so you constantly worry about being able to pay for unexpected expenses and spending yourself broke...
  • You might feel overwhelmed with anxiety, doubt, and shame every time you spend a dollar because no one ever showed you how to track spending or make money decisions with confidence...
  • Maybe you're still lugging around past money stories that are holding you back from making the smart investments and decisions that are key to achieving the income, lifestyle, and freedom of your dreams...

Whatever the reason you're still struggling with money, you’ve probably already tried more than your fair share of woo-woo money story healing programs and feel-good fluff. Or maybe you've already spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours on boring money management workshops and financial training snooze fests.

You've stared at the numbers until your eyes bled.

And yet... you're still up to your eyeballs in debt, are terrified of making money decisions, and don't have the first clue as to how to overcome your past money story and create the wealth you want!

If that's you, don't worry. I'm not going to put you to sleep with another accounting lesson or financial planning worksheet. I'm not just going to fill your head with some touchy-feely method for manifesting wealth by tapping into your "higher consciousness."

I'm here to show you a clear-cut, strategic SYSTEM for getting out (and staying out) of debt, managing and tracking your money effectively, and hitting those old money stories over the head with a fail-proof plan that works!

But before I do that, let me tell you a little about myself...

Hi! My Name Is Amanda Goldman-Petri (AKA: "AGP")... and I Used the System I'm about to Show You to Pay Off $10K in Medical Debt and Fix My Credit Score in Just 90 Days!

As an International "Work Smarter, Not Harder" Marketing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to build a leveraged business that allows them to earn money doing something they love, my clients trust me because I've:

  • Had My First $10K Month At 22, Booked Over 6 Figures In 90 Days At 25, And Made Over Half A Million Dollars At 26
  • Helped Clients Still Make Money While Doubling And Tripling Their Prices (How Cool Is That?)
  • Give no-BS advice and real-world strategies for turning broke business owners into money-making rockstars (Holla!)
  • My Clients Have Turned $300 Into $16K, $700 Into $100K, and More (saweeeet!)

But I wasn't always so good at managing money... or helping others do the same...

The reality is, I grew up dirt poor in a crappy part of Baltimore, Maryland.

Not only was I so poor that we couldn't afford bed frames, but I also had a drug addict for a father (he liked to sign up for credit cards using my social security numbers as a child) and an abusive step father who would make money, not tell us, hide it under the floorboards, and then not report it on the taxes (the IRS informed us when they figured it out... that was fun...)!

I tell this to show you I know what it's like to be holding on to an emotional money story as an entrepreneur.

  • I didn't know how to save money, my family never had.
  • I didn't know how to recover from debt, I had no help.
  • I didn't know how to invest in my business, I was afraid.
  • I didn't know how to make money, I had to invest first to do that!

On top of all this... I had racked up substantial medical debt from going 2 straight months throwing up every day. I went through test after test after test only to be told the doctors had no idea what was wrong.

Fortunately, that all passed... but 2 months later I got pregnant and ended up with endless doctor's appointments and medical bills all over again.

In total, I accumulated over $10,000 in debt. We had debt collectors harassing us all the time and our credit bombed.

But instead of worrying about things that were out of my control and letting my emotional money story continue to guide my life into deeper debt, I decided to rewrite my money legacy and find a way out of debt.

As a total nerd who geeks out over creative marketing and building leveraged businesses that deliver insane profits without stealing your joy, I went to work.

And here's what happened after just 90 days:

I'm not showing you this to "toot my own horn." I'm simply showing you what's possible when you have a clear, strategic system in place for paying off debt and managing your money.

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who kept hitting a brick wall in their business because no matter how much marketing they did, they didn't have the money management skills to get rid of debt, save and spend consciously, or overcome the money stories that were holding them back from accomplishing their goals.

So, I've decided to put the complete, PROVEN system I used to pay off my own debt and experience more wealth, freedom, and success in an all-new online coaching program.

Now, as a Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach,

I want to show you exactly how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and transform your life for the better!

Just Imagine What a Simple, Strategic System for Eliminating Debt and Overcoming Your Past Money Story Will Do for You...

You'll feel relieved... knowing all your debt is paid off... and it's never ever coming back...

You'll have total peace of mind... knowing you can pay your taxes and handle any unexpected medical bills or expenses that come your way...

You'll feel empowered... with the systems you need to pay off debt and spend money without any stress or worries...

You'll feel more in control... knowing you have a solid grip on your finances and don't have to let past money stories stand in the way of your dreams...

You'll enjoy more freedom and fun... by being able to effectively save money and consciously spend money on new experiences and goodies without feeling guilty...

You'll be more confident... knowing you can make smarter money decisions, charge what you're truly worth, and make a bigger impact with your valuable services...

All this and more is 100% possible when you register for my new coaching program that will reinvent the way you think about money... all while having a blast!


the Proven Debt-Elimination & Money Management Coaching Program That Takes You from (below) Zero to Money Superhero

Money Nerds™ is the fun, new, radically different money coaching program I've designed to help entrepreneurs just like you eliminate debt for good, make smarter money decisions, track your finances easily, and enjoy more wealth, freedom, and success!

You'll receive 10 carefully crafted modules released one at a time so you can focus on each topic without getting overwhelmed.

This is all about helping you work smarter, not harder. So you won't find yourself slogging through hours of boring materials or wasting all your valuable time on fluffy woo or just a bunch of emotional money story crap.

Instead, you'll receive the same exact system I used to get rid of over $10k in debt and fix my credit in 90 days. And at the end of this 5-week program, you'll have a clear, strategic plan for getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and creating the financial freedom you deserve!

Here's a Small Sampling of What You're about to Discover...

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Here's Everything You Get When You Join
Money Nerds™ Today:

Module 1: Your Debt Power Pay Off Plan

During week 1, you'll get the action steps you need to pay off debt like nobody's business! I'll be showing you the entire debt payoff system I used to eliminate over $10,000 so you can get out of debt... and stay out.

You'll know exactly how to pay off debt fast, save money while you do it, and continue bringing in loads of cold, hard cash through the whole process!

Module 2: Your Money Management System

This week, you'll discover my system for staying in control of your finances long term. Because it’s not enough to get out of debt, you want to STAY out of debt too!

You'll know the exact yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily action steps you need to take in order to manage your money, stay on top of things, and spend, save, and earn more money effortlessly and consciously!

Module 3: Your Money Tracking System

Week 3, you'll get my complete system for tracking and managing your money.

No more feeling helpless and out of control when it comes to your money! I'll show you how to keep an eye on your cash... because when you track your money, it grows exponentially!

Module 4: Discovering Your Money Courage

During week 4, you will step into the superhero you are to courageously create the amazing new money story you desire!

You will use that courage to set positive and powerful intentions for the new, better money story you want.

Module 5: Healing Your Money Legacy

This week, you'll release past money stories and identify the underlying truths about your family's money legacy.

I'll walk you through how to forgive yourself for past money mishaps and decisions, so that you can give yourself permission to transform your current money story into the wild wealth of your dreams!

Module 6: Your Daily Money Mantras

This week, you'll release negative self talk and increase your self worth with powerful money mantras that pour positivity and confidence into your veins.

It’s time to stop discounting YOU and your accomplishments, wisdom,
knowledge, and experience. It’s time to realize how AWESOME you really are!

Module 7: Making Money Decisions With Peace Of Mind

This week, you'll learn exactly how to make every money decision with complete confidence. I’ll walk you through the system I use to ensure I’m making the RIGHT decisions, smart decisions, with my money.

After this module, you’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing you’re consciously spending, saving, and making your money with intention and strategy. No more doubting yourself!

Module 8: Spending Your Money Wisely

This week, you'll learn my tricks for how to spend money strategically, so that you’re always in control of your expenses (instead of them controlling you)!

We’ll explore your spending patterns and discover the truth about where your money is going, so you can shift into more strategic spending.

Module 9: Saving More Money

In week 9, you'll learn my strategies for saving more money and eliminating expenses that are no longer serving you.

We’ll talk about how to simplify the process of saving money, so that you always have emergency reserves in the event that something unexpected happens.

Module 10: Making More Money

In the final week, we will look at how you can make more money to be able to pay off your expenses, stay out of debt, pay yourself regularly, and stop worrying about your financial well being.

You’ll know exactly how to recognize income opportunities and create windfalls of money whenever you need more cash flow in your business or life.

I've Already Helped Countless Entrepreneurs Achieve the Money Freedom They Deserve...
Now, It's YOUR Turn!

But Don't Just Take My Word for It! See What Others Are Saying about Coaching with Me...

According to this exercise - and I just kept pushing myself until I was really like - holy carp. Anyway, my Bold Money Goal would be to bring in $30K in the next 60 days and I realized that it would take 10 people purchasing a $3K program to accomplish that. So I will be brainstorming different things I can offer- my signature program, VIP days, VIP level with my solo-show clients. Thank you!!! It is the first time this actually feels doable to me in a tangible kind of way. And I am so scared to declare this because I don "t want to Pall short. But like everything in life - if I don't declare it and risk anything, I also won't gain anything.- Brenda Adelman

I love the order of the steps in the Creating Your Money Why Section. For some reason, steps 2-5 were powerful and doing those steps in that order really helped me to set more specific goals and goals that were aligned with my money why. Thank you, Amanda, I love this section of the course! - Angela Tyson

This was a good exercise. Exactly what I need to break through my Pears of feeling like I cant charge more for what I'm ()Peering. The gift when I'm confident in my prices and charge what I m worth is that I'll have more peace (less stress) and I won't feel taken advantage of or like I'm giving too much away.
– Tiffany Lacy DeLuisi

You'll Be a Money Nerd Who's Singing My Praises Too When You Register for This Life-Changing Program Today!

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You'll Also Receive These Bonuses to Awaken You to the Force of Your Finances... Absolutely FREE!

Nerdtastic Bonus #1: Manifesting Millions™

I'll show you exactly how to:

  • Attract anything you want in life
  • Ask for what you want with confidence
  • Comfortably receive the gifts and money you’re offered

Nerdtastic Bonus #2: Follower To Frenzy™

I'll show you exactly how to:

  • Turn your community into clients
  • Simplify the process of making money, so it feels seamless and easy
  • Increase your bottomline with effective marketing

Nerdtastic Bonus #3: Behind The Scenes of How I Made $120K In 90 Days

will also give you access to go behind the curtain with me for an inside glimpse into the wizardry I used to generate 6 figures in just 90 days WHILE I was managing my debt payoff plan. I'll show you exactly how I inspired 50+ women to join my program in 90 days... so you can replicate my success for amazing results!

“This program completely changed the way I do business, even (and especially) with offline clients. I was in a literal breakdown mode when I signed up, and my life is 100% different now. No joke- you saved me from I don't even know what!”

- Valerie

“I have to tell you, as B-School is blowing up my inbox and newsfeed and I'm reading reviews, I'm so glad I found you. It's a little over the top and most people do not give good reviews. There is so much more value in #BAM. Not just the information, but the support from you and others in the group. So, I wanted to thank you!” - Tiff

If You Take Action in the Next 48 Hours... You'll Also Get Lifetime Access To My Most Popular Membership “The Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair”

The Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair is my monthly membership program, usually $25.00 per month, where you get access to monthly trainings, Q&As, Hot Seats, and more. You can post any questions you have for me in the Facebook Group, and even request that I create a training if you have a specific need or interest. This will be beneficial to have a direct line of access to me while you working through the Money Nerds™ trainings!

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Money Nerds™ Will Change Your Life...
but You Have to Be Willing to Commit...

I am 100% committed to helping you get out of debt and enjoy the income you deserve, and I'm completely confident that this program will give you everything you need to succeed.

That being said...

This is a refund-free zone. You won't be able to fake it and hope you make it in this program. Sorry friend, but you can't half-ass the modules and tell yourself you can always just ask for a refund if it doesn't work out.

This program works. Period.

And YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. Deal? Let’s pinky promise

Put in the effort, follow through with the system I teach you, and you will achieve money happiness!

That all being said, you can rest easy knowing you ARE protected by my “Crush It Or Credit” Guarantee.

If you’re aren’t completely satisfied by the program (or when you are and want to upgrade to a higher level program), simply email me within 30 days of purchase and we will credit your payments for this program towards another program of equal or greater value.

Ready to Make an Easy Investment That Will Forever Eliminate Your Stress, Anxiety, and Fear over Money?

I practice what I preach. I know exactly what it's like to feel like you're drowning in a sea of debt and to have a crappy money story that keeps you from earning what you really want as an entrepreneur.

I also don't believe you should have to add more financial stress to your life in order wipe out debt and recreate your money story.

That's why I've made this program as affordable as possible for everyone (even if it's a little riskier for me).

That being said, you can get all 10 training modules plus all the

for a one-time payment of just $297.

Or...only $99 per month for 3 months.

There are absolutely no financing fees. Just 2 easy options to make it totally possible for you to get the systems and strategic plan you need to get out of debt and overcome your money struggles for good!

So, if you're serious about...

  • Getting rid of debt for good...
  • Conquering past money stories that are holding you back...
  • Reclaiming control of your finances...
  • And creating the income, impact, and freedom you deserve...

... Then click below to select your payment plan and register for Money Nerds™ now!

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