Amanda Goldman-Petri
Founder and CEO

Work Smarter Marketing Expert

Specialties: Working Smarter (Not Harder), Scalable Business Models, Marketing Technology and Automation, Sales Funnels, Facebook Advertising, Outsourcing, Standard Operating Procedures, Systems, Certifying Coaches, Hiring Coaches and Sales Professionals, Joint Ventures, Cash Injection, List Building, Launching, Sales Conversations, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Podcasting, Facebook Groups, Branding, Publicity, Website Design


5 Reasons Why I Am Qualified To Coach You:


Before I became a coach, I grew 2 other successful businesses (ie. my first $10K month in 4 months at 22 and another over 6-figures in 4 months when I was 23). I became the go-to Virtual Assistant for many of the top influencers in our industry. After I became a coach, I made 6-figures again in 90 days when I was 25. Then, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS (roughly $562,000!) in 4 months when I was 26. That allowed me to PAY MYSELF 6-figures, buy my home, get it renovated, and buy a boat. I did this working no more than 30 hours per week, which allowed me to finally find hobbies, like painting, billiards, and working out. I even hired a personal trainer to work out with 1:1 4 times per week. Point Blank: I've created success for MYSELF and I was successful in other businesses BEFORE I became a coach!


I TRACK my "client success ratio" by asking my clients to SUBMIT proof of their results to me. That’s because I'm not just about getting success for myself, I also want results for my clients. In one of my programs, I even had 94% of the students make between $5K and $40K in just 3 weeks (the program was $5K, so that means 94% covered their costs in just 3 weeks of the 90 day program). I also had students generate $661K in 60 days, $295K in 30 days, finally hit 6 figures, finally hit 7 figures, and more. POINT BLANK: My clients are getting results too! Heck, over 90% of my clients in my 2018 mastermind are REPEAT clients OR referrals FROM CLIENTS. I have great retention because I put my clients first!


I was Valedictorian of my Elementary, Middle, and High School. This landed me a full-ride scholarship to the #12 University in the entire WORLD, Johns Hopkins University, where I graduated with 3 majors and 7 honors in the same 4 years it usually takes people to get 1 degree with no honors... all while working 3 jobs, raising my first child, and learning how to walk again. I HAVE WORK ETHIC and proud to own that I am SMART! 141 IQ right here!


I STILL invest in my education, because I want to be a better coach and consistently hone my coaching skills. While everyone else is out there learning how to market and sell, I’m learning how to teach and create transformations. I am a Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach, a Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach, a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, a Certified Speaker, a Certified Email Marketing Specialist, and I'm working on two more right now!


I've been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur on Fire, and 50 podcasts in 60 days. I was awarded The Under 30 Up & Comer Award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal. I won 2 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. I was named one of the Top Women To Follow in 2017. POINT BLANK: I am KNOWN and TRUSTED in this industry!

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Jodi Sodini

Facebook Advertising and Sales Funnel Coach (Business Partner)

Marketing Technology and Automation, Sales Funnels, Facebook Advertising, Outsourcing

Minling Chuang

Branding And PR Coach (Business Partner)

Branding, Messaging, Publicity, Visibility, Website Design

Valerie Del Grosso

Lawyer and Legal Coach (Partner-In-Justice)

Intellectual Property, Trademarking, Policies & Agreements

Sarah Shapiro

Mindset Coach (Partner)

Millionaire Mindset, Healing Money Stories, Real Estate, Investing, Money Management

Lori Hardegree

Retreat Coordinator and Scaling Coach (Certified)

Scaling, Sales Funnels, Facebook Advertising, Messaging, Content Marketing, Running Retreats

Cat Stancik

Accountability Coach (Certified)

Goal Setting, Accountability, Action Planning, Productivity, High Performance

Ann Strout

Sales Coach (Certified)

Sales Conversations, Scheduling Calls, Delegating Sales, Facebook Marketing, Launching

Jen Levitz

Business Model Expert (Certified)

Business Models, Hiring Coaches, Marketing Technology and Automation, Mindset




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