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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


Trying to grow and scale a service-based business can feel like trying to herd cats. You know there must be a way to increase your profits so you have more to invest in scaling your business, but the harder you try, the more frustrated, confused, and burnt out you become!

This is tough, because you have a ton of value to share with the world and a burning desire to create freedom and balance in your life.

Maybe you want to have the financial stability to automate more parts of your business so you can have more time with your spouse and kids. Maybe you want to scale so you can reach more people and change more lives. Maybe you want to simply make more money so you can actually pay the bills each month and take that dream vacation.

There's just one problem: No matter how hard you hustle, no matter how many hours you slog away at your business, nothing is working!


You've followed every coach's advice to "just work harder" to the tee... but you're still not earning $5K/month consistently (or maybe not even at all)...

If that's you, just know this:

You Are NOT Alone!

Millions of other online entrepreneurs with service-based businesses feel exactly like you do right now.

For example...

  • Do you feel like you're constantly running on fumes... pulling 60+ hour workweeks and struggling to make time for your family, keep up with your household responsibilities, and simply have a few minutes of "me" time?
  • Do you stay up all night feeling anxious about the bills piling up on your kitchen table and wonder how in the world you're going to continue living like this?
  • Do you feel discouraged and frustrated by other coaches and so-called "gurus" who just keep telling you the secret to success is to "hustle"?
  • Do you feel like maybe you're just not cut out for this business... because no matter what you try you can't seem to succeed?
  • Do you feel "stuck"... knowing the only way to get to the next stage in your business is to make $5K a month consistently... but you have no idea how to get there?

Yikes! Talk about a soul-sucking nightmare...


I know what it's like to crave time and money freedom and not know how to achieve it. I know what it's like to know you need to invest in your business in order for it to grow... but to not even have enough cash flow to pay yourself. I know what it's like to think life is too hard.

But you know what's worse than all that?

Believing that you have no other choice but to stick to the daily grind and just keep on hustling 'til you miraculously reach those consistent $5K months (or burn yourself out trying).

This is a huge lie perpetuated by dishonest coaches and "gurus" who want to keep you "stuck" forever so you'll keep buying their crap (or they plain and simple just don’t know any better).

They'll tell you to work harder and harder... to the point that you sacrifice your health, happiness, and values... but then when things don't pan out... WAM! They'll blame you for not putting in enough effort!

On top of that, they'll insist that you need to buy more training and coaching to learn how to hustle better and really start seeing results.

Fortunately, none of it's true.

Hustle won't get you to your goals.
But working smarter will.

The truth is this:

You Can Achieve Consistent $5K Months – Without Driving Yourself Looney Tunes
or Losing All Your Friends and Family – and I'm Going to Show You How!

Hi! My name is Amanda Goldman-Petri (you can call me AGP). I've made a name for myself as an International “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online Marketing Coach and super nerd who has helped countless online entrepreneurs with service-based businesses achieve their business and lifestyle goals with ease.

Here's a quick peek at a few of my accomplishments:

  • At the age of 22, I made my first $10K month in only 4 months...

  • At age 23, I booked $150K in sales in just 4 months...

  • When I first launched Selling Like A Nerd™ (previously named #BAM Academy) I generated over $120K and inspired 50+ women to join within 90 days...

And I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs – honest, hard-working, and intelligent people just like you – maximize their profits while minimizing their efforts!

But I don't tell you any of this to gloat in my nerdom. I simply tell you all this to show you the amazing possibilities that open up when you eliminate the "hustle" mindset and replace that with a clear, strategic plan for growing your business (more on that in just a sec).

See, I wasn't always a happy-go-lucky marketer with a tribe of loyal, happy clients who had achieved the business and lifestyle freedom of her dreams...

In fact, I grew up dirt poor in a crappy part of Baltimore. I had to fight every day. I had an abusive step father, survived a nearly fatal car accident, and was bullied as a pregnant freshman in college.

But because I am now happily married with 2 beautiful boys living a life I love and running a business that makes me smile every day, I also know that your current circumstances do not have to dictate your future.

Just because you're struggling to grow and scale your business doesn't mean you have to keep fighting forever.

Just because you've been told hard work is the only way doesn't mean you have to continue sacrificing your family and free time to achieve success.

There IS a smarter way to get the bigger, better business you want...

... and it all starts with having a clear plan.

As an International “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Marketing Coach, I've made a commitment to freeing other online entrepreneurs in service-based businesses from the "hustle" mentality and "work harder" lies being perpetuated by others online.

If you want to enjoy the income, freedom, and balance of a booming business that fits your lifestyle goals, you need more than a good work ethic to get there. You need a clear, strategic plan for creating consistent $5k months so you can afford to pay yourself and invest in scaling your business!

And right now, I want to give you the easy-to-follow roadmap and tangible action steps to make it happen!

Let Me Introduce You to:

Your Complete Roadmap to Making Consistent $5K Months...

Inside this 5-week business-boosting experience for online entrepreneurs with service-based businesses, you'll discover exactly how to grow and scale your business quickly – without working yourself into the ground.

Selling Like A Nerd™ gives you all the step-by-step instructions, accountability, and action steps you need to take in order to make $5k per month on a consistent basis... so you can finally create the income, freedom, and impact you want in your business!

And check this out: Unlike other programs that overwhelm you with information and are full of fluff and filler, each module in Selling Like A Nerd™ has been strategically laid out to maximize your success while minimizing your confusion and effort.

Each module has a single laser-focused goal designed to create consistent $5k months. I've also broken down each week into easy-to-digest segments, and you'll be able to finish the module in about an hour. You'll also get clearly stated action steps that go along with each module so that it's easy to execute what you've learned and start seeing real results!

PLUS: I know not everyone is as much of a tech geek as I am... so I've also included tutorials that show you exactly how to implement all the behind-the-scenes techy junk so you don't have to rack your brain trying to figure it out on your own!

Take a Peek at What's Waiting for You inside Selling Like A Nerd™!

5 Jam-Packed Modules Delivered over the Course of 5 Weeks...

With each intentionally laid out module, I'll show you how to strategically invest your effort so that you can maximize your results while minimizing your efforts. No guesswork. No trial and error. I show you exactly what to do and in what order so you can finally get "unstuck" and create consistent $5k months!

WOWZA! These Empowering Modules Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Don't worry, pal! I'm not going to fill your head with information then throw you to the wolves.

You'll also get all the accountability, support, and action steps you need to stay on target and rocket to your business and lifestyle goals!

Put Your Knowledge into Action with Weekly Homework Assignments and Goals...

You'll get weekly homework assignments that allow you to practice what you learn in each module. At the end of every single module, you'll have a quick form you can fill out to submit your homework to me.

This way, you'll get personalized feedback on your work so that I can stay in the loop on your progress, and you can be confident that you're ready to move forward with each module's action steps!

Speaking of which... each module will include laser-focused action steps aligned with that week's specific goal. Each action step is intentionally laid out and explicitly stated in the module so you never feel lost or befuddled navigating your weekly assignments!

You'll Also Be Able to Stay Accountable to Your Goals and Celebrate Your Wins (Score!)

Worried about not having a built-in support system to help you stay on track? Not anymore... because I've set up a private Facebook group where you, me, and 60+ other online entrepreneurs who have joined Selling Like A Nerd™ will gather together to discuss questions, support one another, and give encouragement and feedback (Woohoo!).

Yes, you will actually have direct access to me inside this group. I check in daily to answer questions and interact with our group of work smarter, not harder entrepreneurs.

Yes, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to this group (so you can continue crushing it long after the 5 weeks are over).

And yes, in true nerd fashion, we will celebrate all victories, no matter how big or small! Every Monday, we'll set goals as a group to hold one another accountable, and every Friday, we'll celebrate your accomplishments.

With support and momentum like this, you'll be an unstoppable force!

PLUS – You'll Also Get These 3 FREE Nerdtastic Bonuses to Accelerate Your Business!

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Don't forget! When you sign up to join Selling Like A Nerd™ in the next 48 hours, I'll give you monthly Q+A calls with me ($591/Mo Value)... absolutely FREE!

That's right, until October 2016, you'll be able to hop on the phone with me live each month to ask your most burning questions and get expert insight into your marketing strategies and business growth plan.

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Okay, Amanda... I Want in! Just One Question:
What's It Going to Cost Me?

This is the point where most marketers deflect the question and start reminding you of all the costly alternatives to their solution. Things like getting a $60,000 MBA, hiring a big-name marketing agency, or some other insane option that wasn't even on your radar.

But you're way too smart for that old trick, so, I'm not going to waste your time.
Instead, I'll be upfront with you.

The total cost for everything – all 5 complete modules clearly laid out with homework and action steps to launch you forward, lifetime access to the Facebook group and accountability, 2 nerdtastic bonuses, and the limited-time Q+A calls... is just $997 paid in full.

Yep! That's a great price! But I'm not stopping there...

I know if you're reading this you likely don't have enough cash flow to even pay yourself some weeks. You're already stressed out enough as is. That's exactly why I want to make sure you have access to this program that is a surefire way of helping you create consistent $5k months so you can escape your current situation.

So, in order to make Selling Like A Nerd™ fit your budget, you can sign up today and get full access for as low as $99.70

Go ahead and click below to sign up now!


My Hope for You Is This:

  • I want you to wake up excited each day to do what you love with a balanced, satisfying career that makes you smile...
  • I want you to feel empowered to charge what you're worth and enjoy a booming business that gives you the financial freedom and independence you've always desired...
  • I want to set you free from the constraints of a "hustle" mentality... so you can have more quality time with your spouse and kids and have the ability to enjoy your hobbies and interests...
  • I want you to feel proud... knowing you took the first brave step towards the bigger, better business you deserve...
  • I want you to feel in control... with a clear strategy for scaling your business faster than you ever thought possible... and without working your ass off...
  • I want you to have the extra income to invest in your business so you can watch it explode... instead of feeling stuck, frustrated, and burnt out all the time...

And all of this starts with you joining Selling Like A Nerd™ and me showing you how to consistently make $5k/month. Notice I said "me SHOWING you"... not me telling you...

You will get the clearly defined strategy and all the key action steps you need to succeed, along with behind-the-scenes tech tutorials that show you how to implement each step.

All you have to do is commit and follow through... and you CAN create the income, freedom, lifestyle, and impact you desire through your business!

Ready to Take the First Step towards the Balanced Business and Awesome Lifestyle You Want?

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