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Ep. 83 – High Performance Coach Yasemin Inal’s “How High Performance Habits Can Help You 10x Your Revenue (and Impact)”



  • 1:30 – Introduction.
  • 7:00 – Yasemin says that when a lot of people hear the term high performance, they think it’s all about hard work and hustle but high performance is also about having that balance which is good for us where you don’t neglect your spiritual side, your most meaningful relationships, your health and neglecting being present in the moment. High performance is all about being present and enjoying the moment and bringing the joy wherever you are with your closest people. High performance is about reaching your highest levels in a congruent, aligned, happy, enthusiastic way.
  • 11:35 – According to Yasemin there are five major pillars of high performance and they are clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.
  • 12:17 – All of the pillars are important but there is a reason it starts with clarity because if we are not 100% clear about what it is we truly want to create in our lives and businesses, we can’t create it.  A lot of people think they are clear and they say I want a successful business or I want to be happy but they haven’t defined what success means to them or what happiness means to them.  Success and happiness are general terms and may have different meanings for different people.
  • 16:12 – When we think of energy, it’s both the physical and the mental energy it’s the fact that we have this drive in our body to go get things done and that would mean we are eating well and sleeping well.
  • 19:13 – Some of the entrepreneurs that Yasemin works with are 8 figure business owners but she tells them it doesn’t matter if you hit a billion dollars in your business you are not a success if you are not maintaining your health or not maintaining your relationships.
  • 21:37 – Yasemin says that we are our greatest assets and we can also be our greatest enemy because everything we say in our minds, we hear it and we internalize it sub consciously we believe it and she believes that once you get out of your own way and you say that you are going to do something even if no one believed you but you totally believed in this one thing that you are doing, that is going to make a difference and transform other’s lives.
  • 25:40 – Everyone should ask themselves this question what if you were to 10X your courage, what would you start doing and what would you stop doing.     
  • 27:55 – According to Yasemin, if you don’t know how to be productive, you are not going to be able to get anything done. Yasemin believes that productivity is all about having priorities and delegating whatever else is not in your zone of genius so that it’s not taking up your time and focus on the activities that are bringing in the cash for your business and also bringing you joy and then do the few things that are your priorities with intensity and passion and joy.
  • 31:42 – As entrepreneurs we want to make sure that we are leaving an impact and impact comes with influence and if we are not able to express ourselves clearly and be able to bring people to follow our lead, then obviously we have failed as an entrepreneur.



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"High Performance shouldn't equal hustle. It's also about balance" ~Yasemin Inal


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