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Ep. 81 – Project Catalyst Debra Eckerling’s “How to Launch Your Blog in 30 days with Guided Goal Setting”



  • 1:30 – Introduction.
  • 6:50 – Debra says that the most important thing is to commit to doing your task, you need to make time and if required block off appointments in your calendar or move them to different time slots. 
  • 9:05 – You have to commit to your task and set your time, you need to brainstorm every single thing that you need to do that has to do with your project and then you divide it out into goals, benchmarks, and action items.
  • 9:46 – The next thing that you need to do is to spend that first week visualizing your blog, brainstorming and doing some research on the competition or the complementary ones. Debra calls the visualization directed journaling where you set up 15 minute increments of time where your job is to brainstorm what is in your head about your blog, what you want it to look like, what you want to talk about, your main points and the reason that you love the topic that you are doing. You need to do this procedure three to four different times and don’t look at any of your brainstorms until you’ve done three or four of them because you will find common themes and that will help you hone in on your blog.
  • 13:10 – Most people just decide to brainstorm five to ten things but you need to brainstorm at least 20 to 30 things when you are making your list because the first five things are really easy but as you progress in the list, you are really, really getting in and you’ve got past the easy stuff.
  • 13:51 – Debra says that in between your visualization and your brain dump, take some time and research your competition and your complements and so chose websites that you love and write down what you love about them and also see websites that you do not like so you can decide what you would never want to do for your blog. 
  • 15:26 – In the second week after you’ve read your notes and if you haven’t started a blog before, you need to go and research your URLs go to WordPress, buy your domain, get the URL, get a logo, figure out your tagline and get your social accounts. You also need to define what pages you want on your website and start sketching out what everything looks like.
  • 19:01 – You should take all the stuff that you brainstormed the previous week and figure out how it fits in to what you want your blog to look like. At this point you can set up your Facebook page and Twitter and start following people, tweeting, posting and asking questions on your Facebook page.
  • 20:41 – Use the remaining time to practice your writing because even if you are not a natural writer, the more that you write, the better you will become at writing.
  • 23:57 – You can start with something and stick with it for a few months and then you can always change it. Figure out your blogging schedule and decide if you are going to write long posts or short posts. It is fine even if you want to do both but you need to come up with a system and make your content decisions. Also make an editorial calendar and give yourself deadlines.
  • 27:19 – You should look at your blog as a vehicle for people to know who you are so that they hire you.
  • 27:55 – In the third week, figure out what you are going to do, write your pages, make your blog live and show it to a couple of people you trust to get feedback.
  • 30:00 – You need to get comfortable writing and figure out what works best for you and do a couple of extra posts so that you can pre publish two or three weeks of content before you go live.


  • Visit where you can pick up Debra’s blog action plan which is a worksheet for all the decisions you need to make when you are planning out your blog.  You can also reach out to Debra @writeononline on Facebook and Twitter.


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"Look at your blog as a vehicle for people to know who you are so that they hire you." ~Debra Eckerling


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