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Ep. 80 – Phil Singleton’s “How He Used A Case Study To Sell Out Before The End Of His Webinar”



  • 1:24 – Introduction.
  • 6:23 – When Phil looks at case studies, he is actually trying to engineer them for the future and that’s exactly what he did for the one that was successful. So Phil wanted to create prototype case studies to use to sell to people and so he wanted to work on achieving those goals first for the end purpose of using them to demonstrate to folks how this process or this system might work.
  • 6:56 – Phil has an example and he will tell us exactly how that worked because if you don’t achieve the goal, then you can either not do it as planned or maybe try and craft as an example how not to do something or how to improve something. In this case it actually worked and he leveraged into the webinar and they oversubscribed before the webinar was over.
  • 10:02 – The idea that Phil had was that they would write a book and the purpose of writing the book was that the book wasn’t the finish line rather the book was the launching pad and in his case, he had a lot of goals in writing the book and the main goal in writing the book was to create a website that they could leverage the book and all the book activity and also create an authority website in their niche with a lot of traffic and get a lot of backlinks from high authority websites so that they could get search engine rankings and people could find it. Then they could leverage the people that gave the endorsements and said nice things about them as a way to build credibility.
  • 10:50 – The real end goal was to try and create a network of child sites on top of the main SEOforGrowth site.  They built SEOforGrowth on a WordPress multisite platform which enabled them to have one install of WordPress and they could have child sites on top of it. They decided to build two metro sites one in Saint Louis and one in Atlanta and they decided to leverage all the things they were doing from the book at the national level, create these sites at the metro level and get these child sites to rank so that the people that are running them can also start to generate leads and sales in their market. 
  • 11:36 – What ended up happening was that if you typed Saint Louis SEO their child site comes up number one in a period of less than a year and their Atlanta site comes up number two and it was only launched three or four months ago. And after this success they thought it was time for a webinar. For the webinar, they invited some people who knew what they were doing and started talking about it and during the webinar they showed the search results and people were very impressed because they were ranking for very competitive keywords. And during the webinar people started calling and emailing them. They had decided they wanted ten sites and they ended up getting twelve.
  • 13:05 – The main book website has got the book and a certification program and it also has the agency partner plan which is for people who actually want to set up the sites.  They were trying to develop these actual physical websites with actual people in the cities and that was the main goal of the whole project.
  • 17:12 – According to Phil, your website is a marketing platform. It’s all about establishing trust and authority and showing people why you are the choice and why you are the authority.
  • 19:38 – When you do an eBook or a podcast or a physical book, it just gives you access and when you ask for an endorsement and ask people that you want to include them as an expert in your book, you are reinforcing their authority so they are happy to give it to you.
  • 21:08 – Phil and his team spent a lot of time and effort just to get to the 30-minute webinar that they did and all of the value that came in terms of signing people up happened in almost what was the easiest part of it but the things leading up to it like writing the book, getting all the endorsements, setting up the separate websites and the content and drawing people in and once they had all of it together and the record to show for it, setting up the webinar was easy. 
  • 24:33 – One good SEO case study is not really good enough because that can be luck and two is more than luck and Phil’s next goal is to get 12 or 15 sites ranking for cities and replicate the case study.    


  • You can visit Phil’s website You can get SEO for Growth on Amazon Prime for free and then go back on the website and you will get another free gift which is three eBook bundle on SEO.


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"Engineer your case studies for the future" ~ Phil Singleton


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