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Ep. 79 – Creator of Interviews That Convert Nicole Holland’s “How I Grew My Business By Being A Great Podcast Guest”



  • 1:41 – Introduction.
  • 6:14 – Nicole has three tips and the first one is to know your value in terms of what you bring to the table, what your strengths are, what your personality is and being self-aware. Also you should know your agenda and then you must burn it.
  • 6:31 – Nicole has noticed that a lot of people who try to get on podcasts go with their own agenda and keep to that agenda. But you must be on a podcast and at the same time have fun, give value and even if nobody from the podcast audience joins her list or buys her services, Nicole is still fine with that because she is on the podcast to connect with people and bring value.
  • 8:32 – According to Nicole, most guests will come to a show and ask the host about their audience and you shouldn’t be pitching yourself to a host that you don’t know the audience. You should be studying the show before you ever ask to be on a show. Nicole was getting good guests on her podcast but she would find that they weren’t necessarily a great guest for her because they didn’t know her audience and they didn’t really seem to care who her audience was, they were caring more about their platform and their position and their message. So Nicole says that if there is synergy then the host and the guest of the podcast have the potential to develop a long term relationship and similarly if the audience likes what the guest talks about then they can opt in and get into the community of the guest.
  • 10:31 – If you are listening to a podcast and you want to be on that podcast but you can’t in good faith leave a sincere five-star rating and review, you don’t belong on that podcast. 
  • 11:20 – Her next tip is to treat other people the way you’d want to be treated. So if you go into a podcast that has a structure, you must follow that structure. If you treat people with respect, they are going to treat you in the same way. You should always honor your time commitments.     
  • 15:23 – When you go on somebody else’s show, you are leveraging their platform and they have worked really hard to build that platform so celebrate it by sending a click to tweet saying it was a great interview and when the host tells you that your interview is live, share it on social media.
  • 17:36 – You are getting on podcasts to grow your business, grow your audience and get to know influencers but it is a marketing strategy to get on podcasts so you have to have something on the backend to be able to track how many people came to your opt in page and opted in and you have to provide the listeners with a lead magnet so that you can nurture them and put them through your funnel.
  • 20:36 – You can also turn those lead magnets into affiliate links that way you can also see where the people have come from in another way.


  • Visit and you can sign up for Nicole’s surefire steps to getting the gig from any host you want to get the gig from. On this same page if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see her Nicole’s social media links and email so that you can reach out to her. 


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"Give value as a podcast guest, even if nobody from the audience joins your list or buys your services" ~ Nicole Holland


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