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Ep. 75 – Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter Chantelle Adams’ “How I Got Booked 800 Times in 5 Years (On My Own)”


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:40 – Introduction.
  • 8:05 – When Chantelle first started speaking, she was so excited and passionate that she took a speaking training course and she was taught to do a hundred cold emails a day to get just one response but Chantelle decided that she did not want to send these cold emails and so she decided to learn to build relationships and get warm leads instead of cold leads.
  • 8:58 – Chantelle’s fist tip is to build relationships. Chantelle has spoken in a lot of different areas like education, corporate and entrepreneurial and in all of them if you can connect with people in some way by giving first, attending their events, look for ways to promote them, share their stuff and genuinely care about the work that they are doing then even if nothing comes out of it right away, you’re planting the seeds and building relationships.
  • 11:34 – Chantelle says that we can look at who are some influencers or people that we love to connect with that do have those events but also just being really open and just building genuine relationships and then who knows what comes from each of those connections.
  • 11:56 – The second tip is research an ROI by looking at the company or the business and how can you bring a return on investment for those people bringing you in to speak in the value that you are going to bring in the results that you are going to get their audience. And you can do this by researching on what are they looking for, what are their audience’s needs and then what are the benefits and the takeaways and all that you are going to bring to the stage to help those participants receive a return on investment for being there or listening to you and also for the event organizers for hiring you to come and speak.     
  • 13:12 – Chantelle truly believes that when you show up and you give incredible value and get people results then and there and you connect and build relationships while you are there, it comes around tenfold.
  • 15:32 – According to Chantelle, when you really deliver and you deliver amazing value, then people that are in the audience or the event organizers will get you back again and also other people are going to book you and it becomes a snowball effect. You must also look for ways to package your offers to increase your rate and your fee and get booked and give more value.
  • 17:38 – When you can show up and rock the stage and truly deliver not just a speech that wows but also that truly connects and is fun. Chantelle has made an acronym for speech where S is for storytelling, P is for presence and practice, E is for emotion, the next E is for entertainment, C is for connection and really making sure you are connecting with the audience and H is for how where you give them good content so that they would be able to leave your speech and be able to take action.

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S - Storytelling, P - Presence and Practice, E - Emotion, E - Entertainment, C - Connection, H - the How ~Chantelle Adams


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