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Ep. 72 – EasyWebinar Founder Casey Zeman’s “An Automated Webinar Funnel That Earned 3K A Day”


Today we chat with Casey Zeman, Founder of EasyWebinar, who shares the secrets of an automated webinar funnel that earned 3k a day. Casey also shares how to create evergreen webinars, which software and resources to use, and how to do it all on a budget.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:38 – Introduction.
  • 9:42 – Casey explains that an automated webinar is essentially a webinar that can stream in real time without you having to be there. So you take your perfect show and stream it out, it plays in real time, people come to it and they watch it, ask questions and you have offers that popup but you are actually sitting at home and maybe responding to people on phone.
  • 10:29 – There are 7 thousand people that use Easy Webinar and most of these people are experts, authors, coaches and consultants. Casey’s system of the automated webinar allows you to see how much someone watches a webinar, you can see the actions performed during a webinar and that helps you gauge what people are doing.
  • 11:48 – The software allows you to create one time events that are like live webinars but you are just not there or you can create evergreen webinars, events that can stream every single day at any point when someone comes to the page it’s going to show the next available time that they can be streamed in your attendee’s local time zone. As an admin you can also stream it out multiple times a day and you can also decide that when someone comes to the registration page to not let them register for a same day webinar they have to register for a future webinar but it’s still automated.
  • 16:00 – Casey says that if you are going to do Facebook ads, and you want to know how to build and nurture effectively the right way and do a Facebook ad straight to a registration page, he has a lot of clients that do it and it works and the majority of them close the clients on the follow up and so even if they don’t consume the webinar, they have good enough campaigns where let’s say they come and register for a webinar that’s starting in real time and someone doesn’t watch it, then they will get a follow up reminding them that they registered but didn’t show up for the webinar and then a link to re-register for it is sent to them, which takes them to the registration page but now they sign up for a different time slot.
  • 17:56 – His system integrates with most of the popular autoresponders and the ones that have a tagging system, you can trigger actions through easy webinar that will start campaigns in those platforms that are based on the actions performed during the webinar.
  • 19:14 – Casey’s 3K a day funnel is slightly different, he has a four video series that he sends people through which is followed up by an automated webinar and then sales are closed on the automated webinar. And if they don’t buy from the four videos or the workshop, they are sent on to another automated webinar in the sequence that sends them into a course that teaches them about webinars.
  • 21:19 – He has clients that are using his system for 3K a day where they are using it for a consulting funnel but there also people who are doing 20K a day where they start a low hanging fruit offer on an automated webinar and then sell a higher offer on a second automated webinar.
  • 21:56 – If you can offer some sort of early freebie before you offer the webinar, that gets them excited and engaged to where they want to come into the webinar and then come into the workshop.
  • 23:38 – Casey says that when you take them to the thank you page, there’s a link at the bottom of the thank you page saying this is the link that sends you into the webinar and the video has to be compelling enough on your thank you page to where you take up all the time before the webinar starts. When they are on the thank you page, they access the webinar through the link below and when they do they are automatically going to be getting a free gift when they show up to the webinar and so you don’t want to miss this and block out your calendar, show up, click that link to come on to the page that will take you to a countdown page prior to the event starting and when that countdown hits zero, that’s when the event starts and if they leave this page then there are emails going out to them and if they click on those emails, they will be able to come into this countdown page as well.
  • 26:04 – One of the mistakes that Casey made earlier on is that he made an excellent 4-part video series and spent 25000 dollars on production but he realized that he didn’t need to spend that much on a four video series prior to bringing someone into a webinar because he probably could have done a blog article, a pdf, a simple video or even a Facebook live and saved himself a lot of money because people mostly buy from his webinar than they do off of his video series.
  • 27:54 – According to Casey when you send people into an in time webinar, the problem with that is that a lot of people that use that way of doing it generally don’t sell off of those webinars because you are not building enough nurture ahead of time so selling off those webinars can be somewhat difficult.
  • 29:16 – If you can narrow down the scope by creating more nurture, by the time they come to the webinar they already know you, they have already done their due diligence and now they are ready to come on through.
  • 34:18 – An example of what Casey did before is that he had a webinar where he sent them to a thank you page and from the thank you page, he told them that the webinar was going to start and he told them that if they went to the countdown page, there is another video on the countdown page where they could hear stories of people who are having successful webinars. So he showed them case studies ahead of the webinar that sells the actual product.

Resources Mentioned:

  • You can visit if you want to learn more about the platform.
  • Find Casey on Facebook @CaseySZeman.
  • Casey has a free gift for the listeners of the podcast, it is a webinar mini course and you can find it at This mini course has been voted as the best free webinar training online.


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"Offer an early freebie before the webinar to get them excited and engaged so they can show up to the webinar."~Casey Zeman


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