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Ep. 68 – Soul Powered Business Consultant Sarah Kaler’s “7 Figure CEO Mindset”


Today we chat with Sarah Kaler, Soul Powered Business Consultant, who shares with us how to cultivate the 7 Figure CEO Mindset. Sarah also shares how to get results through the help of others, maximize your resources and relationships, and hire the right people to scale your business.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:33 – Introduction.
  • 9:19 – Sarah is glad that she is talking about mindset versus specific strategies because mindset is so much of what actually gets you to where you want to be when you are scaling. So when we look at the leap of seven figures and beyond, we need to start thinking about a few key things. Sarah starts with talking about getting results through others and there is a mindset shift where you go from I am the lead driver here, I create results to I create results through others and it sounds obvious when you break it down that simply but the reality of how that looks in your day to day when you are the leader of your business because you get so attached as a founder and a visionary to how things get done, what gets done and that is very natural and yet the mindset of I need to start to shift into getting results through others leading a team and yes you are still going to have your role and your responsibilities but that’s a really key shift and you are not going to break through that barrier of seven figures without that.
  • 11:52 – One of the biggest fears that comes up in the service provider world is that they think my clients come for me and what are they going to think or are they going to get the same quality of results from someone on my team.
  • 12:51 – According to Sarah, the reality is that in order to be scalable, and to have a scalable model you have to start getting results through others at a certain point. It is really important that service providers understand that in order to scale your business you have to have at its core a model that is scalable and that requires other people. The bottom line is that it is about others and you have to have that mindset or you are going to be a block in terms of your growth. You will be blocking yourself from being able to grow at a level that you ultimately want.
  • 15:04 – Sarah says that as a CEO, you have to shift your mindset into not just being the doer but being in the awareness and having the mindset that your job is really about resources and relationships. So it’s not just I am going to execute and implement and create content or deliver my services but I need to be aware of what does my business need in terms of relationships and resources.
  • 17:44 – According to Sarah, part of the hiring process is that you are going to go into what Sarah calls a team design phase. So you need to decide who do I need, what do I need them for and when do I need them because all of that isn’t going to happen simultaneously. One of the biggest fears people have when they are scaling and growing is that they can’t afford so many people at the same time but the reality is you will get a return on investment. So you are in a relationship with the resources and the people that are interacting in your business so that you are always seeing an ROI versus just having people be transactional.
  • 19:21 – A lot of people don’t yet have that skill or know how or experience on how to hire well.
  • 21:17 – According to Sarah the mistakes that entrepreneurs are making that everyone can avoid so easily is saying everyone is hiring a VA and that’s what I need too and that’s not how you want to approach your team and your position as a CEO because again it’s about mindset and what is your responsibility, you need to come back to the belief and the awareness that you as a CEO have a vision and it’s your responsibility to fulfill on that vision and to have the awareness of what resources you need, you need to be in a mindset of proactively creating that vision so that you can step into it before you even need to fulfill on it. Because just like goal setting principles, we know if we write down the goal and we create the vision, we are more likely to do it.
  • 23:33 – Sarah’s team has had many iterations and currently it consists of 12 members and the team is growing rapidly and Sarah doesn’t know yet if there will be many more people in her team or few people’s roles will shift and change because sometimes it’s not necessarily about quantity of people but it’s about making sure that you have the right people whose strengths are really contributing in the right way to your overall mission and vision and moving you forward in the business. As long as you are moving in that direction ultimately and you have the right roles and those roles can potentially evolve over time and you don’t have to continue to hire more people. Sarah’s team ranges from people who do content development, marketing and sales, operations, COO. The team consists of internal employees as well as contractors.
  • 27:11 – According to Sarah, people usually zoom off into hiring but before you do that you should think about the mindset of hiring. It’s important to not just talk about the zone of genius but to think about functions in your business. You need to decide what area of the business do you really truly need the most support in and what does that look like. It’s really important to think like that and not just rush off to the hiring process because you want to start to build out your business in areas that you are really supported functionally and then you can interview people to find out if they are truly strengthened by the activities of that function.
  • 30:18 – You need to prioritize because some functions realistically need to come before others on your growth trajectory and sometimes that emotional charge can get in the way of seeing that.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Sarah has a gift for the listeners of this podcast it’s the "Hiring Your Dream Team Guide" which includes an interview guide and you can find it at
  • You can find Sarah and connect with her team on


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"You are a CEO with a vision, and it’s your responsibility to fulfill that vision." ~Sarah Kaler


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