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Ep. 66 – Marketing Coach Terry Dean’s “How Terry Dean Went From Delivering Pizza to Earning $96,250 With One Email”


Today we chat with Terry Dean, Marketing Coach, who shares with us how he went from delivering pizza to earning $96,250 with one email. Terry also shares why higher ticket offers are better, how to create scarcity to sell more, and why he's a fan of the long form sales page.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:38 – Introduction.
  • 4:57 – Terry got started back in 1996 from delivering pizzas, he came online, bought his first PC and started selling online. He did a lot of experiments with email and found out that email was the secret for him making money online.
  • 5:11 – When Terry started speaking at conferences, one of the things that they asked at the conferences was to do a challenge. And in one of the conferences they put up a challenge that in the conference Terry would show them that he would make at least ten thousand dollars with one email to the list during the conference.
  • 5:40 – The very first time Terry took up the challenge, he made around eighteen thousand dollars and then he made thirty-three thousand dollars and so he kept doing these promos and he also goofed up one time when he misspelled his own link and so he had to then send the correct link for people to order.
  • 6:37 – As they moved forward, Terry was just promising ten thousand dollars but he had amazing results on one particular email. When you actually do a money on demand promotion you really want to think about the big three pieces for the promo. And the big three pieces are: there needs to be some very big special. So there is something you are doing that’s totally unique that could be a big discount on one of your products, it could be a product you just launched right now or something you are offering and that time Terry was going to offer licensing to one of his products and he was only going to offer the licensing this weekend and that’s where he hit the ninety six thousand dollars. So it was an exciting special offer.
  • 7:25 – Another tip by Terry is that the higher ticket promotion always has the higher ticket returns for you.
  • 8:30 – The second big piece is that there has to be some kind of scarcity and the scarcity that works best is having both a deadline and a limited number of something and Terry’s best promos have had both in them.
  • 10:04 – The third piece is often left out by a lot of people and third piece is the reason why you are making this special and the reason why needs to be extremely important.
  • 12:12 – From the email copy, the people are going to the sales page. The emails that Terry sends are really short. In the email, he usually only mentions why this is special this weekend and then he gives a good reason why. If you go back to the ninety-six-thousand-dollar email, the first paragraph was about this is special and how he is giving a license to one of his products and a link to it saying click here now if want to this special.  And the rest of the email added up to about four more paragraphs the first paragraph described what he was offering, the second paragraph described the limited time for it and then there were about four paragraphs describing why he was making this special offer and the email is more about the reason why than it is about the offer itself.
  • 13:26 – The sales page is where he actually makes the sale by telling them about all the the things they are gaining and that is consistent across all of his different sequences, he sends them to the page to make the sale.
  • 13:34 – His emails are stories or they are a reason why and when he does the reason why it basically is a story or sometimes answering a question or two that came in or few of the bullet benefits. Rarely does Terry list the price in the email or make the full offer in the email.
  • 14:38 – What sets up those big challenges, those big money on demand specials is all the emails you send in between and those emails simply say what they are and the big mistake that most people with email is they send way too much content. You can make a lot more money by sending a lot less content.  You need to be building a relationship which means you are sending out true authentic stories about who you are, what you’ve done, your clients and things like that. And that’s what you are consistently emailing out to your list.
  • 16:03 – According to Terry, the reason that the high ticket offers produce best is because you are going to find that a buyer is a buyer and if you look through your buyer list especially of the high ticket offers if you’ve been in business for many years you are going to know the names of a lot of your high-ticket buyers because they’re consistently your buyers.
  • 17:02 – Terry’s sales pages are almost always long form sales pages especially the ones that produce best for his emails and sometimes he also does a video on top of the sales page but when he sends an email to his own list, he does not do video only to his own list because he has a large number of sales that come in within five minutes and the buyers did not watch the video or read the whole sales page. Long from sales pages have always produced best results for Terry by the email promotions.
  • 18:57 – The results increase as your mailing list increases but also as you get more and more buyers on your list.
  • 20:06 – With all of his clients, Terry always tries to establish some type of front end item so there is one product and some type of signature offer that they have in the front end. The purpose of that is to use that front end product and a couple of upsells to pay for the traffic and the whole purpose of the first sale is to pay for the leads that are being generated.

Resources Mentioned:

  • -- Terry is giving away a free report which is a copy of one of his paid newsletters and it’s seven unique ways to create money making emails even if you are not a writer. It gives you a lot of secrets of telling different types of stories and it will give you sixty-four story shortcuts to help you come up with stories and a lot of other tips and subject lines to help you create more profits using email.


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"The results increase as your mailing list increases, and you'll get more and more buyers on your list." ~Terry Dean


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