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Ep. 64 – Melissa Pharr’s “7 Figure Sales Secrets”


Business and Wealth Creation Coach Melissa Pharr joins us in this episode to share her 7-Figure Sales Secrets. She also shares how to establish a healthy dynamic with your clients up front, how to avoid fear tactics in your sales calls, and 5 ways to identify your best money-making tasks.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:33 – Introduction.
  • 6:24 – Ninety percent of the women that Melissa talks to on the phone are terrified of being salesy. A lot of us have been taught in sales and one of the reasons we feel that way is because Melissa  has gone through sales trainings before where she almost felt like she was supposed to get on the phone and try to be someone’s friend to build that trust and make them feel comfortable at the beginning and establish rapport and not make it seem like a sales call and a lot of us feel that’s the best way to go about it but it’s really interesting because almost a hundred percent of those ninety percent of women who are worried about being bait and switchy approach calls that way and what they are really doing when they do that is setting themselves for a bait and switch because we are not being clear about the fact that this is a sales call and so when we make an offer at the end it comes as a surprise to the people we called.
  • 7:39 – Melissa wants to set up a really powerful dynamic with her clients and when you are coaching your client they are not paying you to be their friend, they are paying you for coaching or consulting so Melissa starts her calls in a way that changes the whole game and let’s everybody relax.
  • 7:59 – She says something like ‘Hey Amanda, I am really excited to talk to you today, I am understanding that you are interested in my one on one coaching package is that true?’ and usually the person on the other end will say ‘yeah that’s true’ and then Melissa will say ‘That’s good because our call today is about figuring out whether or not it’s a good fit for us to work together, Sound good?’
  • 9:48 – On her coaching calls, Melissa asks what do you want to get out of the call. By the time this call is over what’s our outcome because you want to position yourself as an expert. And some people might be asking what if they say no or if they say ‘I didn’t know this was a sales call’ and Melissa’s response to that would be ‘No problem but I do want  to let you know this call is really reserved for people who are very serious about starting to work with a coach now and so if you have any other questions about this program, what I am going to do is I am going to go ahead and direct you to the website and then you can contact our team when you are ready to have a conversation because you’d like to go ahead and begin coaching.’
  • 11:00 – if Melissa would have offered a free coaching call, then she would have marketed it and if that is happening to you a lot it’s probably that you are marketing for what you are actually offering is most likely not clear or your application beforehand if you have one may not be asking clear enough questions.
  • 12:09 – She is always trying to get the most qualified leads because she’d rather be on the phone with the right person and have a genuine conversation even if it takes a little while than just calling unqualified leads and hoping for them to convert.
  • 12:23 – When Melissa first started, she didn’t have the confidence, the systems or the know how to be able to find her ideal clients and she learned her skills over time and so for  beginners who are struggling to find  the  right people she says that there is nothing wrong booking a lot of calls especially if you are trying to perfect your sales technique but no matter what you are offering it is not cool to dress it up as anything that it’s not. You need to be clear as to what the call is about from the beginning.
  • 14:07 – Right from the beginning give them an overview and tell them this is what the session is about and don’t forget to say ‘I’m understanding this is that true’ because some people have a hard time saying how they feel unless you give them that opportunity.
  • 14:35 – Melissa says that you might be used to being on a sales call asking somebody what’s going on in their business and figuring out what their challenges are but as soon as you realize that this person is an ideal client based on your conversation you must not directly tell them about your package because even though you’ve realized this has the potential to be a great fit, you can’t make that decision for someone and when you try to do that in sales you get pushy and convincing. You should be asking questions that make it conscious to the potential client that this is a great fit as well so that they can be the person to make that decision and want to stick with it once they make it.
  • 15:29 – After she gets through those questions and she is pretty clear and she takes sufficient time to learn about the person, then she asks two other questions one of them is asking how committed they are to the process and the other is asking how urgent the outcome they desire is while working with her.
  • 18:09 – When you start asking questions like this the feeling and the dynamic gives them this feeling if I work with this woman, things have to change because I can feel myself changing right now.
  • 20:22 – When Melissa was first figuring out sales, she accidentally used fear tactics as well. It can be scary to be an entrepreneur when you don’t have a lot of cash flowing and you are really hoping that person will say yes and it’s easy to default to some of these tactics because we’ve been taught so many things and there are many well-meaning people who may have the skills to be great at sales who go to those kinds of tactics because they haven’t realized the power of complete transparency and genuine caring for your potential client.
  • 21:53 – Even though so many of us want help with sales, sales is one piece of getting that client and in today’s world especially as an online entrepreneur a lot of people feel overwhelmed about knowing what to do to get to that point when they are on the phone with somebody.
  • 23:02 – There’s five things to focus on and if you know these five things it becomes very easy for you to identify whether or not what you are doing is a money-making task.  Number one is 85% of the game is about keeping your mind in the game.  Number two is building your online community and number three is nurturing that community because if you don’t have a community of people who want to partake in your services or your products and you don’t have a relationship with them then you are highly unlikely of building an incredible long lasting business that has longevity. Number four is you’ve got to start making an offer somewhere. Number five is to work on perfecting your sales.

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"Clients are not paying you to be their friend. They are paying you for coaching or consulting." ~Melissa Pharr


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