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Ep. 58 – Adam Urbanski’s “The Anatomy of a Million Dollar Coaching Program: How to Turn Your Know-How Into Your Cash Cow With Big Ticket Offers”


Today we connect with Adam Urbanski, a zealous believer in free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and that only you determine the limits of your success. In this episode, we get a behind the scenes look at Adam's multi-million dollar business, the difference between marketing and selling, and how to package and sell big ticket offers.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:43 – Introduction.
  • 9:05 – Adam says that you should first realize what is a big ticket high end offer and why you should sell big ticket high end offers and then you should have something really nice to sell that actually sells and people are willing to pay more money for, know how to actually sell it and finally have someone to sell it to.
  • 10:19 – According to Adam, there is only one way to make money and that is to bridge the gap between the need and the solution.
  • 10:56 – Selling is so vital and fundamental to every business and because of the upbringing and the socio-economic stigma around sales, most people don’t have high regard for selling and if you are able to overcome that stigma and learn selling a little bit better and sell to more clients from the same amount of leads you could even double your business.
  • 12:05 – One of Adam’s mentors told him that if you keep selling inexpensive stuff you are going to be so busy serving low end customers, you’ll never have time to build your business. When people are selling inexpensive products, you will require a lot of volume and infrastructure to make any significant revenue and it will prevent you from focusing on your growth.
  • 13:19 – Adam says that to sell a high end offer if you package some of your knowledge into a consulting or coaching program, all you need is you, a one page outline and then you can start having conversations with people but if you want to sell a $100 eBook, you’ve got to learn how to write this eBook, then you have to learn how to turn it into an eBook format, you’ve got to learn how to host it online etc. so there is so much of learning required and that makes people very busy.
  • 14:28 – if you learn sales and if you charge more, you are going to be exponentially better off to start with because you don’t need any mechanics, you don’t need to learn a whole bunch of things, you just need to be present with people and attentive to what they need and how can you position your skills and knowledge as  a solution to their needs.
  • 16:19 – Step # 1 is that you must have something to sell and a big lesson that Adam shares with all his clients is that, ‘sell first and create second.’
  • 16:42 – Adam did a video where he had piles of books and manuals  and then he asked his students would you rather have all of this stuff or would you rather have me walk you through 12 consecutive steps on how to grow your business, one step a month and later he invited people to a call and on the call he presented the same concept and from the call he invited them to a $6000 program and he only had a one page outline of what the 12 lessons would be, he didn’t have the contents or  the slides, because all he needed to have is an outline and after the teleseminar he told people it is a big decision and we are going to be playing it for a year so you can’t even join right now, I am going to send you a link tomorrow morning to join and the reason behind that was because he didn’t even have a sales page ready.
  • 17:59 – Sixty-five people signed up for the program and he made more than $ 300000 and all he needed to have was a description of the program and an idea and not the program itself. So the big lesson for people here is to prepare a one page outline and what you should write in this outline is 3 to 6 things that are your magic bullets, how can you help people.
  • 19:05 – Adam says that if someone comes to you and you have a conversation and you want to grow your business, pretty much in every case you can say if we just took whatever you do and created one automated sales funnel would that help, how much could that generate over a year, how much freedom could that give you and you can tell them that you can launch their automated funnel for 90 days
  • 21:33 – If someone goes through a training program and one module is how to create your automated funnel and you spend an hour teaching it to them, they have got an idea but they really don’t have enough to implement it and that’s why most people don’t because it is so overwhelming so you should break it down into steps, like the landing page, the autoresponders, the copy, the offer, the freebie etc. so you should work through all of it putting it together so it plays out like a beautiful song on an autopilot for your business making you money.
  • 22:43 – Everybody thinks I need a lead first but if you have a hundred leads today and you can’t sell to them you have wasted a hundred leads so understand why you are doing this, have something really cool to sell and Adam says that people fall in love with their ideas but nobody cares for your ideas they just care about solving their problems so make sure that you sell what sells.
  • 23:27 – To be better at selling you should take a basic course on selling and read a few books on how to become better at persuasion and influencing. Adam says that we must change our mindset towards selling and he tells people two paradigm shifting ideas and the first one is that marketing equals educating and selling is consulting, it is advising people how to make a good decision and which problem to focus on solving.
  • 25:16 – Selling is all about consulting, asking questions, helping people figure out what they need, getting clear on how you can help them and the mistake most people make is that they have an idea and they want to prescribe something but we must realize that prescribing medicines before diagnosis is malpractice and in coaching and consulting people don’t seem to figure that out.
  • 26:26 – If you think through every single sales conversation, it pretty much has the same flow and so you must reverse engineer a sales conversation that you are a part of and write down your own script and some people are resistant to having scripts but we use scripts in even in our daily conversations with people.
  • 27:26 – Listen a lot more, in a sixty-minute sales conversation if you speak for more than twenty minutes, you are talking way too much.
  • 27:50 – One of the biggest reasons that people cannot close sales is that people don’t take the current problem as a viable alternative and because of this 9 out of 10 times people will choose to stay in the situation that they are right now even though it’s uncomfortable and painful and it’s not getting them where they want to be but  they will rather be where they are because it’s familiar than risk doing something different.
  • 28:59 – The juxta positioning of price is certainly a sales technique but it’s like Kindergarten play and people can see right through it versus when you compare real life situations. There is a difference between return on investment versus cost of inaction. The return on investment is questionable but we can certainly identify cost of inaction.
  • 31:02 – Getting leads is a huge issue for all entrepreneurs and there is no shortage of clients and leads but there is only a shortage of marketing know-how in action. If you want to sell something for higher prices, don’t change what you do as much as change who you do it for.
  • 33:52 – There are people that teach you how to get clients now through paid advertising and when it comes to getting leads there are two schools of thought get clients now and get clients forever so get clients now is paid advertising and it can work beautifully even though it is a learning curve and the second one is content marketing and content marketing is get clients forever and Adam  still has leads that come to him because of articles that he wrote and published 15 years ago.
  • 35:07 – Adam says that you must start paying attention to where are the people that you would love to bring on as clients hanging out and start paying attention to their conversations and simply approach them but keep those approaches platform congruent.
  • 37:53 – Let’s say you want to earn a hundred thousand dollars as a coach you should identify something that people will be willing to pay twenty thousand dollars for and find a client every other month for the first ten months of the year and you can make hundred thousand dollars or identify something that people will be willing to pay ten thousand dollars for and then find one client a month. You can troll on Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter and look for conversations that indicate someone that could be a prospect.

Resources Mentioned:

  • is where you can find Adam’s blueprint which is a behind the scenes look at Adam’s business.
  • On the same website, Adam is also giving away a fast start guide – Seven ways to attract high end clients fast.
  • You can also find Adam on


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"In a 60-minute sales conversation, if you speak for more than 20 minutes, you are talking way too much." ~ Adam Urbanski


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