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Ep. 54 – Best Selling Author and Success Strategist Kate Butler’s Success Despite Sabotage

Today you're going to learn from best-selling author and success strategist Kate Butler who went from stay-at-home mom to super successful work-from-home mom. Kate reveals how to spot self-sabotage before it happens and how to transmute that energy into attracting something better.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

1:27 – Introduction.

8:14 – Kate started as a stay at home mom and then transitioned into a work from home mom, she was an entrepreneur but she wasn’t doing what she loved and so she began to search for what her calling was and she began to do a lot of work with her mentor and began to transform her life into something that she is proud of. She has a different way of living than she did three years ago and so she started to look back about what were some of those shifts that began to happen that took her out of a place of loneliness, depression and isolation and brought her to a place where she felt really, truly aligned with her authentic self and could show up in the world in the way that she was meant to.

9:15 – Kate started to look through these threads of sabotage that she was doing throughout her entire life and today she would like to share  them with the listeners of the podcast in the hope that it can help somebody out there listening that might be able to identify with some of these self-sabotages.

9:30 – The first sabotage that she felt she did most of her life was  that she would go through the  motions and simply not listen for the answers so she was  constantly looking for something new, constantly looking outside of herself for answers, constantly asking questions  and wanting to find  what her next step was or where her next clients were going to come from or what is it that she should be doing  with her life and she realized that she was asking these questions constantly but she was never actually allowing herself to receive the answer and then she began to get into a practice of meditation.

10:26 – Kate says that every day you should spend time still in a quiet place with your eyes closed and this will enable you to connect with your answers. She truly believes that everyone was born with everything that they’ll ever need for their lives and you cannot truly access that combination until you meditate and stop sabotaging yourself with all of these outside distractions.

12:16 – if there’s some area in your life that’s not working just look at what it is that you are choosing to think about throughout the day, what it is that you are talking about throughout the day and what it is that you are acting on throughout the day and it will give you an answer as to why that is showing up in your life because the universe does not question what we ask for it only matches it.

12:55 – Kate found that prior to her being aware of this sabotage, even when she was aligned and knew what she should be doing and felt very purposeful of her life, she would get up and get into her office, switch on her computer and start firing away whether she was getting on a phone call, answering emails or getting on social media. She was getting right into action and she would feel that she was so busy the whole day and she was absolutely exhausted and she realized that she was showing up for everyone else in their to do list and at the end of the day she would think what did I actually accomplish today that got me to my next level goal because she was showing up for everyone else and answering everyone else’s questions but she wasn’t carving out the time to move herself over towards her next level goal. So she started a practice of choosing three things that would get her closer to her next level goal and she would do those three things first and only after those three things were done would she move on to the to do list and begin showing up for other people.

15:30 – Kate’s mentor said that if you were to go into the redwood forest and choose the biggest tree in the forest and you went into the forest and took an axe and every day you went and took five whacks at that tree it doesn’t matter how big that tree is eventually one day the tree will fall.

16:30 – Kate  then talks about the emotional sabotage which is that we  may have goals and we may have written down the next level goals but we don’t feel connected to them and we don’t actually feel aligned with them and we don’t believe that they actually going  to materialize so we psyche  ourselves out of what really is possible in our lives because we don’t feel like we are either good enough for it, we don’t feel like we can actually do it or we don’t see the how of getting there. If you decide what you want to do and you believe that you can do it, the how is going to show up for you.  If we begin to open ourselves up to infinite possibilities, then a lot of times what happens is that it shows up better than we could have ever actually expected.

17:43 – The specific tool that Kate has for this self-sabotage to come to emotional success around your next level goal is to put yourself in a place of a future vision and Kate does this by writing out a future vision, some people do this by visualizing during their meditation time. Kate puts herself a long time ahead in the future and she spends time mapping out exactly what life looks when she has achieved whatever that goal is she also maps out who is with her, what are they saying, what does she see, what does she hear, how does she feel, how is she dressed and how has her life changed. So she tries to get into as many small details as possible and really putting herself into that future place because it will ignite that emotion in you and it will then allow you to believe that this is possible for your life and then all of those things are going to begin to show up in truer form.

22:50 – Kate says that when things happen, they happen so serendipitously that it is often better that it could have ever been anticipated in our visualization because we are just doing a visualization with the limited awareness that we have at that time.

25:23 – Recap.

Resources Mentioned:

  • is Kate’s website and on her website you can find an ignite your life starter kit. The ignite your life starter kit contains a very specific tool that outlines exactly how to write a future vision.
  • Kate is also offering to create a bestseller book and then use your book as a platform to create more success and multiple streams of income in your business. For special pricing and special information on this visit:


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"You can access everything you could ever need through meditation." ~Kate Butler


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