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Ep. 52 – How Dan Henry Made $100k in a Month with an Online Course While Wearing Batman Underwear

Today you're going to learn from my fellow marketing nerd Dan Henry who makes bank while wearing batman underwear. Dan is going to walk us step by step through his case study of how he generated 6 figures using webinars and Facebook advertising.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:59 – Introduction.
  • 7:32 – Dan did a lot of entrepreneurial things before teaching online marketing. He owned nightclubs he had blogs that made five figures but the blogs were not about how to make money online and people kept asking him if he could teach them internet marketing and so created this course on how to run Facebook ads as an agency. Dan looked at some podcasts on blogs on how to start online courses and he felt they were useless because the underlying theme was on how to market yourself as an expert when you are not one which he felt was insane.
  • 9:37 – Dan started a small coaching program where he taught Facebook ads and he only taught it to 7 people initially because he  wanted  to make sure that he could get results so he worked privately with  these people, he got them results, figured out what  they were struggling with and ensured that they got results and he used  these results to launch a second time  as a regular course and this time he made $15000 and he observed how people did with that and even these people got results so he tweaked  his curriculum and redid a few lessons and figured it out and then he came up with the final version and he gave away a cheat  sheet  seven proven steps to creating, running and profiting from Facebook ads and he built his list up which was not very big but there were only quality people on his list.
  • 10:52 – Then Dan announced a webinar about how he made $10000 in his first month running Facebook ads for clients and how you can too even if you don’t have  any  results to  show first  and one of the things that Dan taught in his webinar was that you can approach businesses and do a trial run and you can impress them by getting them sales you’ve got the client and they will gladly agree because you are willing to do a trial run  for free and because he taught  his students to run Facebook ads they were getting a lot of clients and within thirty minutes of the webinar they were up to $28000 and it reached $45000 before the end of the night and he kept the cart open for several days and he did another  webinar 5 days later and almost doubled it and at the end of the month he sent out another email saying you have one more chance to before the price goes to $19.97 to $9.97 and again he made $14000 on the last day and in the month he made over $100000 launching that course.
  • 14:44 – Dan built his community very quickly he gave away a cheat sheet it was right there on the front of his website and the cheat sheet says join my free strategy group on Facebook it’s called Superhero Entrepreneurs and everyone who downloaded this cheat sheet he encouraged them to go the group and at the same time he ran retargeting ads that said hey, don’t forget to join the group.
  • 15:24 – Dan doesn’t send out a lot of emails he engages more with people in his group and it’s more personal.
  • 16:38 – Dan promoted the webinar a week before he did it and he promoted it in the group, in the retargeting ads and he did some cold traffic as well which converted fine and his total ad spend was only $509 and made over $150000.
  • 18:14 – In his webinar Dan showed people how to get Facebook ad clients on the webinar, he said do this thing and you’ll have people interested in you running Facebook ads and several people did exactly as he told while on the webinar and got people interested in signing up with them even before the webinar was over and so everybody felt it’s not hard to get clients I can get clients. Dan got results for people even before he asked them for money.
  • 19:30 – In his group Dan has a student success Database every time you do something awesome you can submit to this database and it helps Dan keep things in track. Dan gives the example of a chiropractor who enrolled for his course and by spending 90 dollars got 12 new patients.
  • 21:05 – The thing about Facebook ads is that they are not hard if you know what you are doing and they are not hard to learn. For doing SEO, Copywriting, Sales funnels you should be an expert and you should be with Facebook ads too but there are clients out there that are extremely easy to get results for like doctors, lawyers, restaurants, bars, car dealers, if you follow the way that Dan teaches you to do it.
  • 23:38 – There are bad clients and Dan tries to teach his students  to avoid them because he has students  that take on launches, webinars, coaching clients and these people have done Facebook ads before but the people that are brand new they need to stick to the easy ROI clients because if you take on a business coach as a client you have to trust that they are good at what they do and if they are not you are going to look bad no matter what however if you get a new patient for a chiropractor you don’t have to convince them to go to one.
  • 25:58 – After the webinar ended Dan kept the cart open and said that for the people that are in a different time zone he would do a webinar at a different  time on a particular day and everybody signed up for that, he ran some more traffic  to that and he did the webinar on that day he  got to the end  of the webinar and only one or two people bought but after an hour after the webinar ended there were a lot of sales so Dan sent an email saying that the cart is going to close  on Friday and everybody bought at the last minute then he kept the cart closed for a week and a half and then he sent an email saying I am opening  the cart up for the next six hours so if you missed out you can get in for six hours because of that 14 people signed up.


Resources Mentioned:

  • contains a cheat sheet called seven proven steps to creating, running and profiting from Facebook ads. There is also a cheat sheet funnel, there are also training videos, and funny videos once you are on Dan’s list.


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