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Ep. 50 – VA Growth Hacks

This ones for my VAs and done-for-you service providers in the house! Here are 5 HACKS that catapulted my done for you business to $150K in 4 months at the age of 23!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 00:52 – Introduction.
  • 1:40 – Within four months of starting my first Virtual Assistant business, I had actually already generated my first $10,000 dollar a month at the age of 22. I became well known as a go to Virtual Assistant for coaches. I was approached by a very high profile coach in the Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle family and she and I ended up joining forces to create a second powerhouse Virtual Assistant business that was jointly owned by the both of us and within four months we had booked over $150000 in our business and I was twenty-three at that time.
  • 2:45 – I was fortunate enough to have been surrounded by such high profile coaches and very successful entrepreneurs and so to me six figures seemed very normal and I realized that for a lot of Virtual Assistants the idea of making six figures in four months is very, very crazy so I started coaching Virtual Assistants and what I noticed is that most virtual assistants don’t do the strategies that they see coaches doing because they think that’s only what coaches do and virtual assistants don’t do that.
  • 3:46 – The strategies that I used in my Virtual Assistant business were seen as bold and weird by other Virtual Assistants but using those strategies I was able to get to 10K in 4 months at 22  and 150K in 4 months at 23 and I’ve had countless Virtual Assistant clients who have doubled their income, quadrupled their clientele, hit their 10K months and have been able to create sustainable, systematized, scalable VA businesses because of the things that they have learnt working with  me.
  • 4:25 – Today I am going to walk you through 5 strategies that I leveraged to grow my VA business. They might seem weird to you but they are proven strategies that I highly recommend for any Virtual Assistant who is bold enough to do them.
  • 4:45 – Growth Hack #1: The first one is to list build. Most Virtual Assistants don’t keep lists, I haven’t come across many of them who have mailing lists and most Virtual Assistants think this is only for coaches. If you want to scale your Virtual Assistant business and make more money than you ever thought possible then having a list you can leverage to put offers in front of is very, very important no matter the niche, no matter the industry.
  • 5:24 – Me and my business partner hosted tele summits and giveaways of our own and also participated in other people’s tele summits and giveaways as well. We ran a tele summit with 24 high profile millionaires and marketing influencers and we built our list by 3000 plus names within two weeks. So we had a list of 3000 people who we were able to tap into and monetize for Virtual Assistant services.
  • 8:01 – You should host tele summits and giveaways and participate in them so that you will be able to generate a targeted list of prospects who are interested in Virtual Assistant services who you can either promote your services to now or continue the relationship with them through newsletters and promote your services to them later when they are ready.
  • 8:24 – Growth Hack #2: The second growth hack is we kicked off the launch of our business with sponsorships at live events where some expert runs a live event and you attend as a paid sponsor. You get a booth and you might get some speaking time on stage and you get to put some ads in the marketing collateral for the event. There were 100 people who attended the event and we got 50 people on our mailing list and these were targeted people who were interested in Virtual Assistant services. We got people to schedule with us live then and there or we would follow up after the event was over through business cards that we collected with a raffle at the event and then we would follow up with them via email or via phone after the event to schedule a discovery session with them.
  • 10:40 – We had a raffle at the booth where people could come over to our booth and put their business card in a little cup and if they put their business card in they were entered into a raffle to win ten hours or Virtual Assistant services and that meant that if they put their business card in that cup they were obviously interested in Virtual Assistant services so they were targeted people who gave us permission to contact them.
  • 12:19 –  Growth Hack #3: The third thing that we did was we ran our own live event and my business partner pitched a coaching package and bundled in Virtual Assistant work with the coaching package which is a very effective to sell. So her company was able to get buyers and our company was also able to get buyers.
  • 13:56 – Growth Hack #4: The fourth growth hack that allowed me to book over 150K in four months is we leveraged Facebook Advertising and sales funnels for our business. For the tele summits, the giveaways and the live event we were using Facebook ads but then we also had some other funnels that we would dedicate to sending Facebook ad traffic to for example, there were a couple of video sales letters or webinars that we created that would lead into phone calls and we would send people from Facebook ads into those video sales letters or those phone calls. There was a landing page that we created for discovery calls so we had one discovery call page just for virtual assistant services and then we had another discovery call page specifically for our website services and we would send Facebook ad traffic to it.
  • 15:05 – A lot of Virtual Assistants will fear this because the cost per lead is a bit higher obviously, it is going to cost more to get someone to schedule a phone call than it is to get them to opt in for some type of free pdf but if someone really needs a website and they schedule a call to talk to you about a website, they are a very, very high potential prospect.
  • 15:56 – Growth hack #5: Growth hack number 5 has to do with sales conversations and phone conversations. Most Virtual Assistants do one of two things they either do the phone call and then follow up via email to give a proposal or contract or they do the phone call and they are too afraid to ask for the sale so it ends up having to go to follow up via email.  I started trialing ways to get a yes on the phone, money on the phone and then following up for the contract later on and the first thing that I did was I stopped doing proposals I don’t do proposals in my Virtual Assistant business, I do contracts and I get the money first, I do the contract second so that was  the first change that I made to my sales. Later I started trialing what we called the save your damn  seat deposit because our business was called the best damn biz team and so we would get these prospects on the phone, walk them through our packages and then get them to say yes on the phone and pay $197 to save their seat and we reasoned with them that our business gets full very quickly and we have only a certain number  or slots that we allow for clients and then we have to hire new team members to support more clients and if you want to be in on our next client start date, you need to save your spot right now.
  • 18:59 – Recap.

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