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Ep. 48 – Networking Expert Tor Refsland’s How You Can Become An Authority & Charge Premium Prices

This week Networking Expert Tor Refsland, who is also one of our experts on the Millionaire Masterclass Series ( is joining us to share: How You Can Become An Authority & Charge Premium Prices, Even Though You Just Started Out Today.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 2:19 – Introduction.
  • 7:30 – Tor says that it is extremely important that people should know that you are the real deal but for this to work you need to be good at what you do because if you are not it’s going to be bad for your brand, bad for the people that you serve and everyone who is affiliated with you and run your company into the ground.
  • 8:22 – Tor gives the example of Tony Robbins’s website because he is world class and he is huge at what he does and if you go to his website he will most likely have two things the first thing is the icons of where he has been featured at and that gives instant credibility and he will also have testimonials from other influencers and those two things are instant social proof and if people don’t know who Tony Robbins is but they know any of the big newspapers or magazines that he has been featured on or they know the name of the influencer that has given him a testimonial then they will think if they influencer says he is cool then he is probably the real deal.
  • 9:29 – So if you remove Tony Robbins from the equation and put yourself in there it will kind of be the same first impression that it gets if you have the same things so these are some of the mental triggers that will instantly increase your credibility and boost your authority.
  • 12:12 – Tor picked one social media platform where he would get the biggest traction and it was Twitter and so gained 1000 followers in 18 days and 2000 followers in 38 days and it was a targeted audience and all done organically and he shared the amount of Twitter followers on his website and that gave his instant credibility.
  • 13:29 – The next  step would be to position your authority by using something Tor calls crash test dummy technique which is basically doing crazy experiments yourself and just reporting it so when Tor was repositioning his brand after building an email list of 3000 people organically and being featured on over 100 blogs and winning a few awards but the influencers and the people that knew him perceived him as a success online but they felt he was a fraud so he decided to reposition himself in three days and it turned out to be how to network with influencers online and he needed to test it so he  got  testimonials from a lot of influencers but he also needed to show them that I can teach you this skill but you can use this skill to make more money in your business so he made himself into a human guinea pig and he was reaching out to people he did not know online and trying to get new clients and he got people paying him from $500 to $1500  a month and he got his coaching business from $0 to $3000 per month in less than three months by just working few hours here and there so you need to be the kind of spearhead and you need to experiment and be willing to fail and be ready to push the limits and do stuff that other people don’t want to do.
  • 17:06 – The thing about turning yourself into a human guinea pig and getting results is something that people love because it’s the real deal if you can crack the code on how to get one client you can duplicate that process and get one hundred clients and that’s the beauty of cracking the code and optimizing and then you can just scale it.
  • 18:36 – The third step is that you actually need to build genuine relationships with influencers if you want to multiply your profits but you also need to understand why it’s important because when you build a genuine relationship you are able to provide value and create a win-win situation and kind of build a friendship down the road and it will help you to get testimonials, to be able to promote your product to their email list and it can also lead into joint ventures like co creating a product or starting a business together and the opportunities are endless if you think big scale.
  • 19:55 – Tor says that whatever problem you have in your business, networking with the right influencers can solve it.
  • 22:03 – To create genuine relationships with influencers the first step is finding a way  to connect with them in a very genuine way so you want to stand out from the rest and you want to deliver value and Tor has an awesome gift for the audience it’s a course on how to network with influencers online and it’s free for the audience it’s called how to blog outreach like a boss and you can find it at and this will teach people on how to make the first connection and it will then teach you to scale the relationship by not thinking of  the influencer as an influencer and try to be just relaxed and be yourself and find a way to provide value without being star struck.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Tor is giving away a few free strategy courses and he normally charges $500 per session and he is giving them away for free and it will  be basically  be all about creating a strategy in helping people position themselves as the go to person in the industry and attract premium clients and if that’s something you want to do you can send an email at and in the subject write "Amanda sent me."
  • How to blog outreach like a boss is a gift for the audience of this podcast and it teaches you how to network with influencers online you can find it at


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"Any problem in business can be solved by networking with the RIGHT people" ~ Tor Refsland


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