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Ep. 47 – Growing Your Business Vs. Scaling Your Business

Are you growing your business or SCALING it? Those are two very different things, and yet most business owners and coaches don't seem to know the difference. In this episode, I'm going to clarify EXACTLY what they are and which one you should focus on right now.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 00:52 – Are you trying to grow your business, or scale it? They’re two very different things. Let me clear it up in this episode.
  • 1:03 – I see so many business and marketing coaches talking about growth but very few talking about scaling. And honestly I think this is why so many business owners get burnt out, capped at an income ceiling, hustling 24/7.
  • 1:27 – If you really want to make big income with less effort, you need to focus on both: Growth and Scaling.
  • 1:38 – First, let’s talk about: growth! Growth is about increasing specific end goals and numbers. For example, growing your revenue, growing the size of your company and team, and growing your LIST…Growth is about the outcomes.
  • 2:06 - Now, let’s look at: scaling! Scaling is about increasing your growth numbers while decreasing output… In other words, it’s about how can you still grow those numbers, but do it while decreasing the time you and your team members are investing to make it happen. To do that, you need to take a close look at how you’re producing those outcomes. What your expenses look like, what your systems look like. Scaling about the process.
  • 2:59 – In business, while you want to focus on how to create those Outcomes and hit those numbers, you also want to think about the Process it takes to get there and how you can make it as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Focus on both Growth and Scaling and you’ll have yourself a Profitable and happy business.
  • 3:24 – Hey let me introduce you to 37 millionaires who have grown and scaled their businesses and are ready to teach you to do the same...

Resources Mentioned

  • visit this link to join these free masterclasses hosted by me where 37 millionaires and marketing influencers will share their secrets for scaling past the glorified six figures and daring to dream bigger.


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"To be successful, you must focus on BOTH Growth AND Scaling." ~Amanda Goldman-Petri


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