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Ep. 44 – Millionaire Mindset Expert Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro’s Top 3 Million Dollar Money Blocks

True wealth is about unlimited wealth, the feeling of freedom, and the feeling of joy that comes from money. There are many business owners who talk about making money online, but when you look closer, they do not have “TRUE WEALTH”. Sarah is an expert at identifying your money blocks keeping you from millions at more, so that you can do MORE than just earn money…you can truly create unlimited wealth.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:45 – Introduction.
  • 5:33 – Sarah works with people who have already established a business, who have income coming in and who are paying more than their bills. According to Sarah true wealth really means a number of things unlimited income that there’s no psychological or physical block to asking for unlimited amount of income it also means creating a feeling of complete financial freedom where you are not worrying about your future.
  • 6:49 – True wealth is really about unlimited wealth, the feeling of freedom, the feeling of joy that comes from the money is a deeper feeling because we are creating this money to feel happy. There are many people who are making a lot of money online and Sarah has talked to them and they don’t have a large college fund for their kids and they don’t have a large retirement and they should be working on that.
  • 8:06 – Sarah says that you shouldn’t set an upper limit for your income and some people may perceive this as being greedy but she says that most people who are making a lot of money are very generous people so it’s a great thing for the universe too.
  • 9:09 – The first block that Sarah finds in most of her clients that prevents them from making millions is a feeling of guilt and a feeling of not deserving and Sarah says that self-worth and net worth are related and a lot of people look like they’ve got a lot of self-worth they have the right car, the right outfits and they travel a lot and usually it’s about an inverse proportion the more humble people sometimes have the highest feelings of self-worth from within. We all must work on and be very honest about our feelings of deserving and sometimes that’s buried and people are not aware of it they feel deserving externally and they buy a lot of stuff but emotionally they don’t feel deserving. If we have an awareness of it then that’s something that you can build and your net worth will immediately increase.
  • 11:00 – Sarah’s father was an alcoholic and her mother was codependent and there was a lot of low self-esteem and low self-worth and under earning in her family but she worked on that and everything shifted when she was around thirty and she worked on her emotional life and her spiritual life and so her income skyrocketed. All of this is related but she wasn’t consciously working on it but she started feeling better about herself and she started her own business and all this was directly correlated to her feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.
  • 12:03 – One might feel that it is not cool or spiritual and you are over charging but when you dig deeper it is about the self-worth and the self-love.
  • 12:17 – The second block is resentment of other people having money and it’s not necessarily always conscious so you can be making three or four hundred thousand dollars a year as an entrepreneur and be angry and resentful of these million dollar coaches and instead of thinking I can do it you are resentful of it.
  • 15:52 – The third block is the fear of managing the money because if you have a lot of money it’s a big responsibility and people get worried about that because you have to learn about things like the stock market and real estate. You have to acclimate nobody summits Everest without going to base camp and staying there. So you have to be practical and really honest about that fear of handling it.

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"Money and WEALTH are two different things" ~Sarah Shapiro


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