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Ep. 43 – Life + Biz Success Coach Reina Pomeroy’s Social Glue Method

Business owners often work too hard on selling people their service. Reina's social glue method is about actually connecting with people and not forcing yourself down their throats, so that the sale just happens naturally and feels good for everyone. This takes away the dread of marketing and allows you to simply delight in being of service to people.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:38 – Introduction.
  • 5:23 – Reina feels that people work too hard on selling people their service but her social glue method is a long term marketing strategy which is about connecting with people and becoming a resource for people and not forcing yourself down somebody’s throat also it is taking the dread of marketing that she used to feel and turning it into a way of delighting people and being of service to them.
  • 6:36 – Social glue method is a long term marketing method for people who are shy and can’t get a grasp on how to get people to see what they are working on and one of the ways to do that is to shift your mindset about what marketing might look like and it’s about how to connect one on one with people, work smarter not harder and go into depth with people. Reina says that you must connect face to face with people via Skype or a phone call and get to know people as humans.
  • 7:19 – The result of going into a mindset of collaborative networking is that if you connect with one person they are going to connect you with somebody else.
  • 8:59 – The people connections are the baseline of what we should be doing and this isn’t the only thing Reina does in her business for marketing but it’s the home that Reina found for herself because we do feel lonely in our own little offices and the outcomes of social groups isn’t necessarily to find more clients, it might be to find your tribe or to find other people who will buy services later down the road.
  • 9:47 – According to Reina the mindset while going into these connections shouldn’t be to think how can I get a sale out of this person and when you become heart centered and people centered and keep your selfish needs aside you will have returns on your investment.
  • 11:32 – Reina encourages people to get on the phone with people and says that once you get over the fear of doing phone calls it actually gets easier but if that doesn’t work for you or you never do it then find the modality that works for you.
  • 12:07 – Reina says that people often ask her how to ask a person who is not even a friend on a coffee date and she advises them that they should think this person is just a person and I really just want to reach out to them and get to know them as a human being and how can I do that.
  • 12:36 – When she first introduced herself to leaders in her industry she was very apprehensive because she thought they are probably too busy and they don’t want to connect with me but she emailed them and they chatted over Skype and they were amazing humans and so Reina advises that you should stop thinking of yourself as inferior than them.
  • 13:16 – You should have some kind of an idea of where this conversation could go and you should be prepared with some questions to ask people.
  • 14:10 – Reina finds that women are really bad at asking for support and so she always makes sure that they answer her when she asks for support because it is very important for women to learn how to articulate how others can support them.
  • 15:42 – Reina says that you should just pour into other people before you ask for anything and the abundance mindset comes from being able to give other people your energy, your time and your craft and it’s not because she wants you to burnout but because when you pour into other people you actually get great energy back.
  • 17:31 – A lot of how Reina built her list is through collaboration and it can be a really great list growth opportunity and Reina’s list building is not all automated and the part of it that is more heart centered that people forget about sometimes to talk about is collaboration and one of the ways she has done this is to do JB webinars with people who have a list and she has the content so she is able to share her stuff with their list and that way she is drawing a new crowd to them and they are drawing a new crowd to her and none of the JB webinars that Reina has done for list growth has been for selling anything.
  • 20:35 – A couple of the things that Reina launched recently she hasn’t actually launched because she has had conversations with people and they are like oh I am buying that and then all the seats are gone. So she doesn’t have to spend the time or the money or the energy putting up a sales pitch because people are already buying it from her without her actually going out and promoting it with a big launch.
  • 21:24 – Reina tells us to make sure that your mindset is on the long game and you are pouring into people.
  • 22:24 – There are so many best practices in the online marketing world and so much of what Reina has learnt as an entrepreneur is that there is no actual right way of doing things and we just have to make it up as we go and figure out what works for us.

Resources Mentioned:

  • where you can find the free resource to download the social glue template and learn how to do a virtual coffee date.


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