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Ep. 42 – Business Strategist Christine Gallagher’s How to Build a Team That Supports Your Growth – for Ultimate Leverage!

I always say that if you want a sustainable and scalable business, you must do 3 things: Leverage, Automate, and Delegate. Well, today, we're focusing on Leverage & Delegation. Educating us on the topic we have here: Business Strategist Christine Gallagher! She's going to share with us her 3 top tips for building a team for ultimate leverage in your business. Listen in!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 01:53 – Introduction.
  • 6:12 – Some of the biggest mistakes that Christine made earlier and that others do now are being anxious and try to control everything in your business. Because she has a tech background she would rather do things herself thinking that she could do them faster and better. So one must give up that control and trust others. It’s true that the other person is not going to do it exactly like you but they are going to do it good enough that your business is going to be able to grow.
  • 7:12 – Christine waited way too long to hire her first team member and when Christine hired her first VA, her income more than doubled in that year and she tells people all the time not to wait too long to add team members.
  • 9:14 – Tip # 1: The big thing you need to think about are the red flags and there are many things that you can delegate in your business. People wonder what is the right time to delegate things in your business and when you notice that clients are not being cared for the way they should or things are not happening on time or things that need to be done on a particular time keep getting to the bottom of your to do list and you feel you just can’t get to it but you know that if you got to it you would move your business forward.
  • 9:59 – There are also some things which you don’t know how to do but you are trying to do them. So Christine says that is not a very good idea as you are going to get frustrated and lose money so avoid doing things which you don’t know how to do.
  • 10:24 – Also avoid doing stuff that you are not good if you find yourself in that situation you know it’s time to find some help and if you are doing things that are not directly related to bringing in revenue and you are getting bogged down by them you need to get help.
  • 13:19 – Tip # 2: It is a big obstacle to figure out if it makes financial sense for you to bring on team members and so Christine says there is a formula for that you need to look at what your time is worth per hour to do your genius work and then think about all other the things you do in a day that are not your genius work and make a list of them and give a dollar value to the other things that you are doing and decide if you can outsource that other work to someone else for a much lesser amount.
  • 16:05 – You need to put the time upfront to do the interviews and the research before hiring because if you don’t you are going to end up paying more in the long run.
  • 19:06 – Tip # 3: There are tools out there that you can use on yourself and with your team to get crystal clear on who should be doing what. So the two tools that she uses and recommends to her clients as well are the Strengths Finder’s assessment they have a book that you can buy and they also have a test online which costs $20 and using this assessment you can find out what your strengths are and shows where you can put your genius work in place. You can use it to weed out people when you are interviewing them and although it is an expense that you pay for a person to take it but you are going to end up paying in the long run if don’t get clear. The other tool is the Kolbe A index which tells you how you are wired and helps you work with other team members.
  • 22:13 – The Kolbe A index also helps you find out what your instinctive method of problem solving is for example in Kolbe there is a part of it that tells you whether you are a fact finder or a quick start and Christine is a fact finder and that isn’t always good when you are an entrepreneur and that tells her that she needs to have some quick starts around her who are going to take her away from that constant analysis and put it into motion.
  • 23:23 – Christine always her second tier mastermind clients take the test because you can then see why they do something and why they don’t.
  • 24:17 – The biggest way Christine uses to find employees is personal referrals and that is a really good place to start and there are a lot of online places you can use to hire people like Craigslist but a lot of people end up being really disappointed with who they employ or the number of people that are out there and they hit a dead end and it keeps them stuck so she says it is always better to go back to the people you trust and the people you like and see where do they find people or who do they know that might be looking for a position. There are sites like,, and where you can hire people but Christine always prefers to go to people she knows first.
  • 26:03 – For hiring people Christine first narrows down people for a position and then she makes them take the Strength Finders and the Kolbe and sometimes that’s the thing that decides no or yes in her hiring process. You should also thoroughly check their references by personally talking to people. She asks situational questions to potential employees like what would you do if this happened because that’s a good way to judge how a person is going to respond in a given situation or scenario.
  • 27:31 – You can also ask your potential employees to do a trial period and tell them how many hours you want them to work and what you want them to accomplish in that period of time and then you can talk at the end of that that can be a big life saver as well. 
  • 29:20 – The thing about leverage is not negotiable if you want to grow and without it you cannot grow to the next level but when they don’t do it their income gets capped, they’re totally exhausted, their overwhelmed and they think I am never going to get past this income level which is frustrating if you have big goals in life.

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"Leverage is not negotiable if you want to grow" ~Christine Gallagher


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