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Ep. 40 – Millionista Mentor Stephanie Nickolich’s The Art of 7 Figure Sales Funnels

In this episode, I'm geekin' out with fellow sales funnel lover Stephanie Nikolich, who grew a million dollar business while living life as a single mama! She's going to share how to unlock your passive profit potential and set up sales funnels that really work so that you can bring in sales and clients each and every day WITHOUT having to work so hard! [WARNING: It's going to get a bit nerdy in here!]

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:36 – Introduction.
  • 5:41 – The biggest mistake that comes to Stephanie’s mind is not testing and just assuming that one time if you put a page up or if your ads up or you put your upsell up or you launch a program, that if it doesn’t go well the first time, then it didn’t work but that’s not necessarily the case and she actually loves it when things don’t work out, a person came to her and she was very disappointed because she had spent a lot of money and yet her opt in page was only converting at 4% so she told the lady not to quit because the page is converting at 4%, Stephanie suggested some changes in the opt-in page and asked her to test the changes and after that there was a very significant increase in the page conversions.
  • 6:47 – A lot of funnels will not perform the way you want them to, minor changes like changing an image can very significantly boost your conversions sometimes.
  • 7:20 – Stephanie strives to educate entrepreneurs about what changes they can make to get better results when things are not going right, once you understand how each piece of a sales funnel is laid out, how each piece connects, how they all go together and create something that’s magnificent and beautiful, you can go back when something’s not converting the way you want it to, make a couple of little changes, shifts and get pages that are converting really well.
  • 8:13 – The reason why Stephanie’s pages convert as well as they do is because they were tested and they didn’t necessarily convert very well right out of the gate, she made many changes, she knows what to change in order to get better results.   
  • 8:38 – She had a new copywriting team and the opt-in page was converting at six percent and she got it up to 47% by just making a few changes over a three-day period because they were driving traffic to it. When it’s cold traffic it’s probably going to convert differently than warm traffic. So you need to take all these things into consideration but you must not just give up when something doesn’t work because when things don’t work that is actually an opportunity.
  • 9:58 – Tip # 1 is delegate to dominate so stop trying to do everything by yourself. Stephanie doesn’t set up her Facebook ads she only does the high-level strategy for them and she is very actively involved she knows enough about each piece of her sales funnel so that she can convey to others what her vision is and what she wants them to do.
  • 10:31 – Stephanie analyzes her ads and makes sure that they are moving in the right direction. When you stick in your school of genius, you will grow more than you ever imagined possible. It is even possible to double your income month over month and this happens because she is doing what needs to be done and she is outsourcing a lot of her work, hiring the right people, interviewing people and taking time and being patient and as a result of that her business is blossoming.
  • 11:31 – One of the best things that Stephanie did in her business was that she stopped trying to do all the things and began to focus on the areas in which she was an expert and when she did that her business began to grow out of control and that’s what happens when you have the right people to support you in your vision.
  • 12:18 – Stephanie masters one funnel at a time, she has about 21 active sales funnels in her business and they are migrating everything over to click funnels, she has more than 70 pages in her funnels and a lot of them are multiple step sales funnels.
  • 12:48 – All the funnels lead to the end goal which is bigger high end program so the end goal is all the same but the entry points are different.
  • 13:18 – Stephanie does many Tripwire funnels because they work well. She did a live stream and she had 4000 people live, she mentioned a product and they came into her funnel. She has small micro offers because they generate a lot of revenue as they build trust with your audience. Sometimes people will come to you but they are not ready to spend $10000 right out of the gate, but if they have those offers available to them wherever they are you are on their vision board, you are on their bucket list, you are on their Christmas list and you are the one for them and they can’t stop thinking about you. A funnel is active all the time and leads are coming in but there are leads going through at all the different stages and three months in she may get a call that drops down to book with her and that person is ready to buy her high level program because she came in three months ago and bought the $27 product and she has been nurtured and she has seen so it builds a lot of trust by offering them a micro offer that meets them where they are and then brings them through the funnel to higher price point products.
  • 15:20 – The first digital product that Stephanie came out with was for $27 called the lucrative list builder and she has sold over a thousand units of the product and the product hasn’t even been out for 11 months yet. It took her just 4 hours to create this product and for that she earned $2700 of direct revenue and that product has also led to over $200000 of additional revenue because when people buy that product they come back to her and one of her clients came back to her three days later and jumped from a $27 product to a $10000 program.
  • 16:55 – Stephanie served around 25 clients last year and by the end of this year she will have served over 3000 entrepreneurs through paid products and services.
  • 17:36 – Tip # 2: The key is to unlock your passive profit potential; passive profits were attractive to her when she started her business because she was pregnant and her business was growing but it was all one on one support and she was working 12 to 16 hours a day and she was stressed out in the beginning stages of her pregnancy and she was very concerned because she wanted to be a fully present mom and spend time with her child and she realized she couldn’t do that by working one on one with people. She wanted the freedom to build sand castles on the beach with her baby and so she decided passive income was the way forward and she couldn’t continue to serve people one on one.
  • 19:19 – Stephanie’s first digital product was born out of her own personal experience, she did this marketing campaign where she built her list 0 to 4000 names in 4 weeks and she was gearing up for the launch and the launch went terrible but she did build her list by 4000 names and that’s a pretty cool thing that a lot of people would want to know how she achieved and it wasn’t all paid marketing and she created a product around it the lucrative list builder, which has sold more than a thousand units in less than 11 months. Stephanie is very passionate about passive income and creating sales funnels because it has given her the freedom to do whatever she wants.
  • 20:50 – Stephanie is a big advocate for working smarter not harder. She did a case study and she showed people the difference between her best month last year and her best month this year she worked for 241 hours last year to get $78883 and this year her income was $153129 working just about 41 hours.
  • 22:38 – Tip # 3: Facebook ads are your friends and many entrepreneurs are scared of running ads on Facebook and Stephanie spent a lot of money on ads earlier on in her journey and didn’t make a lot of money back but once you really tap into your formula and your audience and you know your brand and you know your messaging and you know who your prospects are and who your clients are and how to connect with them and how to engage with them, Facebook ads are your friends. Typically, she puts in a dollar in Facebook ads and she makes $10. Using Facebook ads Stephanie has been able to reach clients in more than fifteen different countries.
  • 25:52 – Time is your friend, everyone is in such a rush and Stephanie was going to go in a launch and they pushed back the date of the launch because she knew that if they spread it out a little bit they would get much better results. She needed the time to be putting up the ads and start testing them because all this takes time so instead of being in such a rush you should give yourself a little bit of time because if you do, you could actually multiply your results.
  • 27:04 – Stephanie was not a very big fan of launches but she revealed some programs in an academy and they really need a launch and so she talked herself into that and they were able to enroll 403 entrepreneurs into the legendary entrepreneur which they are structuring more like an academy and it worked really, really well. There are benefits to launching and there are benefits to evergreen but obviously you can reach the same types of goals overtime if you have an evergreen funnel in place but sometimes you want to do a launch because whatever you are selling wants a launch and you can get amplified results in a short amount of time but also those amplified results come from amplified budgets so you’ve got to have more members in your team, more money invested upfront and if that is not something that you have access to then the evergreen model just getting that going and testing and tweaking and making sure your opt ins are converting and your upsells are converting will still bring you money or you could do both.

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"The key to a freedom-based business it to unlock your passive profit potential" ~Stephanie Nikolich


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