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Ep. 38 – Digital Marketing Strategist Nathalie Lussier’s How To Build Your List Faster Without Being Pushy Or Sleazy

This week we've welcomed Heartpreneur and Digital Marketing Expert Nathalie Lussier to share with us her secrets for creating a profitable business without the sleaze. Nathalie is a genius when it comes to leveraging tools and technology to create an out of this world user experience for your prospects and customers, so that they not only feel good while consuming your content, but become brand evangelists who share it with their friends and rave about you online!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 00:59 – Introduction.
  • 6:06 – Nathalie says that some of the common mistakes people make when they are ready to scale is that they create their first launch or their first course and it is not a huge success but maybe there’s something there that attracts attention or it hit the right point but maybe they didn’t have a big enough list yet to grow it. What Nathalie sees people do a lot is that they throw the whole thing out and they decide to do a second course or a second program instead of trying to reach more people with the same thing that you sold in the first place. So one must think that I did great with this so how can I improve it and reach more people this time maybe it’s getting more affiliates on board or improving the marketing around it a bit so that the next time you go out there it is even stronger. 
  • 7:08 – Nathalie says that when you want to scale you can’t do it all by yourself and she also struggled with it in the beginning because she had a team consisting of just one VA and herself and when she added more people they were able to grow much faster.
  • 8:44 – According to Nathalie you need to find out is it a lack of people seeing your offer, is it lack of traffic, is it a lack of list building and thinking about those numbers will help you make the right decision so that you are focusing on the right stuff. So don’t assume that people didn’t like your stuff they probably just didn’t know about it.
  • 10:22 – Tip # 1: Creating free courses works very well and then you can focus your energy on marketing your free stuff and then people can go into your paid offers. So focus your creative energy on new ideas and stuff on bringing people in through your free courses. A free course is more powerful as compared to other free resources because you actually get people in your membership site, you also get their name and email, you get them to login and be a member and that member experience is one step above a subscriber or a website visitor and you can build a relationship with the members.
  • 11:24 – Tip # 2: Once your visitors are inside your membership area you can show them your different courses or programs that you have and they can see what’s available. You don’t necessarily need to have a sales page with a buy now button but it is that curiosity and you are letting people self-select without being pushy. So when people opt in to your free course and start getting value and if they like the experience they are having with your free course then they are a lot more likely to say yes to a paid course.
  • 12:23 – Nathalie likes to look at the stats on her website and she found that a lot of people visit her products page but they are not actually looking to buy but if they are in a member’s area already and if you are seeing the free course and then a couple of paid courses so they can’t escape it and if you do click through you can bring people to a sales page and give them some more information or promote special offers in the member’s area and you can give them some time sensitive reason to sign up for the paid courses using a countdown timer or a special price instead of creating an evergreen offer to encourage them to enroll.
  • 14:33 – Nathalie uses AccessAlly which has one box which says unlock your free course and they see a greyed out icon or something that says I don’t have access yet and we humans have a psychological tendency to have access to everything and this way is not pushy if it’s not for them they are not going to sign up but if they are already in that direction then it’s a much easier and gentler way to get them to say yes.
  • 17:11 – Nathalie learned a lot of these things through experiencing and practicing and trying different things in their membership site and you might not find these features of in other plugins because they tend to be built by mostly developers and not necessarily people who are in business as well.
  • 18:28 – Tip # 3: As a course creator you must think about the user experience side of your courses and your programs. Nathalie has taken a lot of online courses and as a course creator she wants to make sure that people get the results that she is promising on her sales pages so she ensures that they do finish the course or are able to take action on the stuff that she is teaching.
  • 19:18 - Nathalie gives the example of the thirty-day challenge where there are thirty videos over thirty days and that could be a bit overwhelming so they have put little checkboxes that people can check off as they are going through and if they wanted to come back to day 10 they can keep it unchecked so that they can come back and go through it again or take action on that and as they progress they’ll see how far they’ve come. There are also things like a video bookmark option so when people click that button it will start playing the video at the right spot.
  • 22:00 – You can even go further with ProgressAlly so let’s say you want to have it as a certification or you just want to reward people after they go through your course you can actually have a quiz that checks people’s understanding of what they’ve gone through and then you can give them an auto generated pdf certificate. You can also follow up with people who haven’t completed something for a while so if they haven’t logged in or if they haven’t completed anything in say two or three weeks you can have your email system send them an email saying hey is everything alright you should probably log back in this is waiting for you and that can also increase people’s completion rate and they feel better at having used what they purchased.
  • 24:37 – As the whole focus is on list building and scaling, people might think I created these free courses but how is that going to help me build my list but if you have really good content the people and people are going through your free courses you can set up social sharing for them within your membership site and have people share your opt in page for your free course and Nathalie has noticed that about 20% of the people end up joining from social shares saying hey I am taking this free course come and join me.
  • 28:11 – Your business doesn’t get built in a day all of us are extremely ambitious and we have great ideas but implementing them takes time and Nathalie says that your website is never done it is like the spiral staircase that you are going to keep improving upon and the same goes for your membership site and your courses you will probably have more great stuff to add to your courses or you might have new ideas for your membership site and the beauty of the internet is that you can change things over time and it’s not like a book where you publish it and you can never make changes.

Resources mentioned: – Totally free to sign up and get more tips on list building. – To check out the different plugins and other stuff by Nathalie and her team.


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"As a Course Creator, you MUST think about the user experience" ~Nathalie Lussier


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