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Ep. 36 -Freedom Strategist Ann Strout’s How To Create Your Dream Business + Life

After growing up an orphan, spending most of her childhood in severe poverty, bouncing around from multiple abusive foster homes where she was molested, beaten, verbally abused, locked in rooms that had no carpet or furniture and even forced to eat her own vomit….Ann Strout has created an aligned freedom business that she loves. She is a prime example of how no matter your circumstances, you CAN come out on top to create the business and life of your dreams. And in this episode, she's going to share with us her 3 best tips for making it happen.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:26 – Introduction
  • 6:13 – Ann says that to alignment for her means that she is able to have a business and a life that is total bliss all by her choice by her demand she creates both and in both areas she is giving a hundred percent a hundred percent of the time and doing what she loves a hundred percent of the time. So being in Alignment for Ann is being able to create that business that will support that lifestyle so that she can have the and life and she doesn’t have to make choices.
  • 7:19 – Ann says that the growth never stops so you never master anything and you are completed there is always the next thing. The next step for Ann is tapping in to something even bigger than her, even more meaningful than what she does now with a higher level entrepreneur.  Ann and her team are working on something bigger but she is also taking some time for her and her family.
  • 8:49 – Ann says that you do fall sick and it is part of the process and she embraces it and she is ready for new heights herself.
  • 9:47 – On the point of being able to create the dream business regardless of your circumstances, Ann thinks it is important that we are really clear that what we see around us or what we are experiencing is something that we are creating and it doesn’t have to be the reality so you can change it, you can look outside your window and see whatever you want to see it doesn’t necessarily need to be what’s absolutely there and if you can shift your mind to believe that you can make anything happen.
  • 11:02 – When she had her son Ann was on food stamps and welfare for more than two years and she lived in subsidized housing and when you looked out of the window you saw welfare, poverty and all kinds of terrible negative things but when Ann would look out she would see possibility and hope and she would think this can be different it doesn’t have to be this way. Ann says that it’s all what you believe and what you see. Some people just stay there and some people grow.
  • 11:57 –  Tip # 1: The first mistake that Ann committed was thinking that she knew everything. The reason that that was a big mistake for her was because it didn’t leave open space for her to learn from anybody else and so she struggled for many years in the beginning of her business. Ann says coming into business instead of competing with your competitors collaborate with your competitors they will teach you everything you need to know.
  • 14:02 – Ann says learn from your competitors be open to that.
  • 14:26 – Tip # 2: The second biggest mistake she made was she pivoted from everything under the sun. So constantly pivoting from one thing to the next to the next really makes it hard for you to get in front of your ideal clients and it makes it hard for you to enjoy your business and so her biggest motto is one step at a time so whatever your genius is focus on that one thing you can grow and advance later there is no rush.
  • 16:54 – Ann says that you have to master the one thing and you need active income, leveraged income and then passive and it goes in that order like you just have to do one thing at a time and you have to figure out what that one thing is and then once you master it and you know how to market it, sell it and make money with it then you can start to move on. If you want to be a coach, you need to figure out what is that one thing as a coach that you can help people with.
  • 17:41 – Tip # 3: Get a coach or mentor for whatever it is you need help with right now today and then the same thing should be applied to teams, systems and things like that so don’t try to do this by yourself.
  • 19:23 – Ann says there is no magic pill where you will get a coach and you won’t have to deal with challenges, you will but you will be able to get through it faster because the only way out of it is go through it and you don’t want to do that by yourself.
  • 19:55 – You can’t delegate anything to anyone if you are in urgency mode.
  • 20:34 – Tip # 4: Constantly recreating versus repurposing. Ann says that typically most of us launch every 30 to 90 days depending on our business size and Ann noticed when she had her previous business that she was constantly recreating content, recreating free offers, recreating checklists so Ann says that you have to build a habit of creating a Standard Operating Procedure for your business, a checklist for everything you do in your business especially stuff you are going to  delegate out or things that you are going to be doing on a repetitive basis.
  • 23:26 – SOPs are not fun to do but you can do some and you can have your team do some and so when Ann’s team members create an SOP she proofs it.
  • 24:37 – Ann says that a lot of people don’t like the word hustle but embrace it and get comfortable with being uncomfortable and embrace the hustle especially in the beginning especially when you are up leveling or you are going to do a launch you are going to hustle a little bit and there is no such thing as an overnight success.
  • 25:19 – Tip # 5: Ann is a big geek on planning and it’s pretty much what she built her business on. You have to have a plan and Ann breaks down her plan into 30 days for her newer aspiring entrepreneurs and for the six figure and beyond she looks at 90 days and this helps to be able to get clarity. You need to have specific lined out goals financially or even otherwise.
  • 28:46 – Entrepreneurs don’t know what actions to take and that causes them to not be able to focus. Ann has done many surveys and she has realized that people don’t know how to stay focused and don’t know what to focus on and that is because you don’t have a plan that you are excited about. If you don’t have a plan you have nothing to work toward. Ann says that there is no other way to do it you have to have a plan even if it’s only for thirty days. You’ve got to take a big vision and work backwards from that break it down into manageable, actionable, trackable pieces so that you can actually reach your goals.
  • 30:34 – Have a thirty-day plan and the biggest tip with it is that you make sure that you are excited about it because if you are not, you are not going to do the work and you have to stick it out for the minimum of the thirty days so if you don’t get results in the first week don’t start beating yourself up and calling it quits, stay in the game for the thirty days and you will get results.
  • 31:03 – Recap.

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"No matter your circumstances, you CAN create your dream business + life" ~Ann Strout


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