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Ep. 35 – Landing Interviews With Industry Influencers

How would you like to interview the biggest influencers and celebrities in your niche? To invite them to telesummits, events, and podcast appearances and have them say “YES”? Well, iIn this episode we’re going to be talking about how to do just that! In just one short year, I have participated in over 100 interviews… with millionaires, high profile influencers, and celebrities in my niche… and now it's time for you to do the same!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 00:52 – Introduction.
  • 1:19 – I recommend if you haven’t done many interviews before that you start by interviewing other people and often you will see that you will naturally get people who want to interview you because they see that you are in the interview space.
  • 2:13 – You might do a video interview for your Vlog with someone or an audio interview for your podcast or a lot of people also do tele summits where they interview 21 different experts over the course of two weeks or thirty days. I have done a bunch of tele summits. I have been fortunate enough to find some really high profile guests for those interview series.   
  • 3:25 – Some of the people I was able to secure for those tele summits don’t even accept interviews or don’t even do tele summits and I was able to get them to do the tele summit for me.
  • 3:44 – I’ve got a few secrets that I am going to share with you today.
  • 4:00 – Tip # 1: If you want to have a high profile influencer say yes you can interview me then you want to go into it with extreme confidence that you are worthy of them saying yes. If the expert doesn’t know who you are then they probably don’t know how new or established, you are either. Don’t approach the situation with them out of fear you don’t want to appear as timid because the expert is going to look at you like this is charity work. Instead you want to be confident and own your value. When you believe in yourself and you talk like the expert you are, this is going to inspire them to believe the same.
  • 5:23 – Craft your interview invitation email with the assumption that they will want to join with the belief that it’s going to benefit them to be aligned with you. I often craft my emails in a way that sells the benefits of me interviewing them and sells what I bring to the table. I do interviews in a different way I always find some way to add a twist to it that’s how I position myself as an authority and as a peer to them.
  • 6:13 – Tip # 2: Start off your invitation email by creating a personal connection. The first line or two of the email should show the expert that you already have some type of connection with them. The idea is to create the know, like and trust factor by establishing a preexisting connection.
  • 8:56 – Some people idolize influencers in their industry but I look at them as people just like me so that I can talk to them in a very human way like I would talk to a peer and that’s how I recommend you approach the situation.
  • 9:22 – Tip # 3: You need to play with the ego of the experts because just like everyone else experts also like to feel important. So make them feel important without downplaying yourself in the process. My favorite phrases for this are “are you currently accepting interview requests?”, “I instantly thought of you because…” or “I’d love to share you with my community”
  • 10:49 – Tip # 4: Do name dropping do not be afraid to leverage someone else’s name. So if you know someone who has worked with them or you have a client who has bought their stuff say so. If there’s other speakers on the summit that you are planning big or small just mention them because the more experts you mention or the more connections you make the more valuable this is perceived by the expert.
  • 12:15 – Tip # 5: Respect the time of the speakers because they might be super busy or they might have a team who handles this stuff for them. When you email them, have all of the details worked out including the dates the interview is going to air, the dates you need them to promote, what their requirements are and when you’ll have things ready for them. Have some FAQs that the experts might have about the interviews and have the answers ready.
  • 13:07 – I send medium sized emails which are organized and contain headlines which are bold and in caps. The emails also contain bullet points so that they are informational but perusable. The more information you can provide, the better it is going to be perceived by the person you are pitching to and the faster they are going to be able to make their decision.
  • 14:24 – I sign off my emails by saying so from here I’d love if you just shoot me an email back and give me a quick and then there are bullet points with options so that they don’t have to think about a response, I’ve given them a prompt for the response.
  • 15:04 – Recap.

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