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Ep. 34 – Publicist and Visibility Coach Kristi Dosh’s How To Become The Go-To Expert In Your Niche

Being visible is the first step to being seen as an expert, and in this episode Visibility Coach and my very own Publicist Kristi Dosh is going to share with us her exact step by step process to become visible in your industry. Working with Kristi, I was able to secure over 30 podcast interviews in 30 days, become featured in Influencive as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, and snag multiple high profile guest blog and feature article opportunities as well. Now it's you're turn to learn from her!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 2:13 – Introduction.
  • 7:03 – Tip # 1: Develop your niche. Know what it is, live it, breathe it, have an elevator speech for it and commit to it a 100%.
  • 7:21 – Tip # 2: You’ve got to build a visibility strategy. Kristi’s tag line is “It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows you do it.”
  • 7:35 -  Tip # 3: You need to implement that strategy and position yourself as an expert by getting in front of the right audiences and being in the right format for what you do.
  • 8:59 – You’ve got to decide what is it that you want to be known for before you start to put stuff out in to the world. It is not sufficient just to be visible but it is good to get started and get over any fear you have.
  • 10:22 – Kristi always starts with asking people their short term and long term goals so that she can develop a strategy and determine visibility techniques to be used.  Some people want to reach out to people in just one industry but Kristi works with people from a variety of industries but they all have one factor in common and that is they want to become more visible and establish themselves as experts.
  • 11: 02 – People get worried that they are excluding people by niching down but in reality it is much easier to reach people that way and you can branch out a little down the road and people will automatically come to you if they really want to work with you even if you are outside of a particular niche.
  • 12:25 – You should go where your audience is and you shouldn’t try to drive people somewhere else that will not work
  • 13:01 – Once you have decided what your niche is and who you are trying to reach you have to figure out how to reach them. Some people love to write so they prefer doing guest blogs whereas some people dislike writing or are not confident of their writing skills so guest blogging might not be the right option for them.
  • 14:03 – Sometimes appearing on TV can be helpful because it sometimes elevates you in people’s minds but you should have the right expectations because if you are not in front of the right audience or on the right show you are can’t expect overnight results.
  • 14:26 – You need to develop the right strategy to reach your audience and asking people helps so if you have a Facebook group or a newsletter list you can ask them what kind of blogs do they read instead of trying to drive your audience to some new outlet, find out where they already are and get your stuff into that outlet.
  • 15:58 – Kristi likes to set a schedule, she is an organized methodical type of person and she knows the order she wants to do things in to get her clients to achieve their goals. Some people want to do guest blogging and TV and radio and public speaking so things need to happen in a certain order so it gets easier for her to pitch so that more people can say yes.
  • 16:57 – You need to first decide what your goal is so if someone’s goal is to build a platform to get a book deal from a traditional publisher so you have to do things in a certain order and over a certain timeframe before pitching to the publisher. Some people think that writing on some outlets and going on TV will help but depending on the goals those might not be the right steps to get to their goals so Kristi tells them that that isn’t going to work and she tells them what is going to work. And it is different for everybody some people need more clients and grow their business to a certain revenue level or some people want to sell more products and becoming known as an expert for that particular kind of product.
  • 18:02 – There’s got to be a strategy in place you can’t just gain visibility and expect people to notice and hope that it leads you to your goal.
  • 18:45 – Being visible is the first step in becoming an expert you’ve got to piece some things together and you need some tangible proof to show people that you are an expert.
  • 19:47 – If you are not willing to call yourself an expert nobody else is going to either. Kristi called herself an expert and started saying she was a nationally recognized expert when she was focusing on the business of sports and radio hosts started introducing her as an expert on the business of college sports and she started getting mentions in papers and blogs that called her an expert.
  • 22:00 – People wait far too long before they start calling themselves experts if your business is profitable and you have that well defined niche then you start identifying yourself as an expert. Once you start calling yourself an expert other people will also start calling you one.
  • 22: 46 – We live in an age where there are a lot of different ways to establish yourself like blogging, podcasting, media appearances
  • 23:28 – A professional looking website is the biggest hint that you are an expert. You need to make sure that everything is updated on your website it needs to have photos and details on how to contact you. If you want to write people should see articles on your blog or links to other blogs where you’ve been writing.
  • 24:26 – What talent bookers are looking for is different from what clients might be looking for and so when Kristi starts working with somebody new she gives them suggestions to make small tweaks to their website for things that are important for talent bookers and to make it easy for them to find the things they are looking for. The as seen on banner on your website will ensure that talent bookers know that you’ve already been able to be visible in these big outlets.
  • 27:42 – Ensure that a way to contact you is listed on your website. Some people do not have a way to contact them listed on their website. You need to have your email address or a contact form on your website.
  • 29:42 – Kristi is getting ready to launch a course that is all about how to be your own publicist and one of the modules of that course is on public speaking so Kristi is giving all the listeners of this podcast is her guide on where to find these speaking engagements. It is her brainstorm list of places she has found speaking gigs so that you can get in front of people.




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