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Ep. 31 – How To Compare Yourself To The Right Humans – With Business Strategist Adrienne Dorison

We've all had our fair share of “comparitis” symptoms… It's so tempting to see what other entrepreneurs are doing successfully and get bummed out, frustrated, or impatient. I used to envy millionaires, so much so that I had to consciously remove triggers from my Facebook News Feed to keep my mindset straight. Well, in today's episode, Business Strategist Adrienne Dorison will be sharing with us how to compare yourself THE RIGHT WAY… to the RIGHT people… and set yourself up for mindset success!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:54 – Introduction.
  • 7:31 - Adrienne says that everyone experiences comparison and some people think that those who are experiencing more external success aren’t comparing themselves but you learn to compare yourself less or you try to get those self-triggers in place so that you do not experience a lot of despair when that starts to happen. Collaborating and lifting each other up is the best option.  There is a dangerous thing that happens when we just look at what someone else is doing and feel disappointed at our own results or even use what they are doing from the outside as a clue to what we should be doing because we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes with them and if we start comparing with them and then we get in the negative mind frame thinking that why didn’t I do that or I did all the same things that she did and I still didn’t achieve what she did so there must be something wrong with me.
  • 9:14 – I am a competitive person but I try to compare myself to myself more than anything to be the best version of myself but I can also look to my peers and be inspired and motivated do not try to put down others for what they are doing because that’s a form of judgement because when you do that you are comparing yourself and putting yourself in a negative space and that other person is not even paying attention to you. There is not positive outcome from this unless you are using it as a motivational or inspirational thing. 
  • 12:07 - Tip # 1: You need to know what stage of phase are you in because if you are comparing yourself to people who are at completely different phases of business you are really not being fair to yourself and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • 12:23 – Adrienne has broken things down into three different phases of business.
  • 12:28 – The first phase is profit which is for early entrepreneurs or people who are just starting to make money or making money but not profit.
  • 12:49 – The second phase is the momentum phase where you have consistent profits and you are able to expand what you are doing, start automating a little more, start building a little bit more of your credibility, start doing up levels on your content and start creating things like courses.
  • 13:12 – The final phase is leader when you really want to start scaling and delegating massively to your team and working on team development and focusing on the things that only you can do like scaling your courses, scaling your business and up levelling even more in terms of the production quality of the things you do potentially.
  • 15:05 – Tip # 2: Each phase has its own activities and you should know the activities for each phase. So in the profit phase you need to be focused on cash injection activities. For example, someone who is in profit phase should not focus on a sales funnel rather he should focus on things like client research and try to get cash flow injected in your business.  Don’t build a sales funnel if you are in profit phase.
  • 17:22 – Hiring someone for your PR is the best thing that you can do for your business because you are going to get seen on different media outlets but if you are in profit phase or in momentum phase that’s not the best thing for your business.
  • 18:10 – You should know what stage of business you are in so that you are not getting fooled by what’s out there and what you are comparing yourself to. You might not need a guest posting strategy right now you might need to focus on building that list or getting cash injection.  If you are in the momentum phase you need to do credibility building, if you are in the leader phase maybe you do need to start really systematizing and getting SOPs in place and onboarding new team members.
  • 19:09 – Tip # 3: You have to be relentless with your time, you need to identify what is your most important mission for the day. You need to focus on your own stuff and figure out what you need to doing. Instead of criticizing others save your time and focus on achieving your own results. Focus for an hour, stop looking on social media while you are trying to do work.
  • 21:08 – Once you spend that one hour every morning identifying your most important tasks you are less likely to compare yourself to other people because you feel really confident and proud and the self-doubt is reduced because you actually got something done versus sitting on social media and comparing yourself to others and feeling like I didn’t get anything done today and I am such a failure.
  • 22:09 – You should connect and collaborate and reach out to people that you think you are interested in talking to. Being business best friends with the people that you compare yourself to because then you know the behind scenes of their business and you also get to hear the bad stuff or you get to hear when they too are comparing themselves or when they too are having a bad day.
  • 22:54 – When you create friendships with people in the industry not just looking for clients but really looking for peers to build and support each other then you have a look behind the scenes sometimes.
  • 23:10 – I have an accountability partner that I speak to every week I hear the good and the bad, I ask her for feedback and advice and I know I can hopefully compare myself to her without it being toxic. You need to find friends that you can start collaborating with and have a chat on a weekly basis so you compare yourself to them in a good way.
  • 24:53 – It was the greatest things for me to join a peer mastermind as I entered the group there were people that I was putting on a pedestal and I made it known to them that I had been looking up to them and as weeks and months go by we start seeing each other’s stuff and feel this is kind of good.
  • 25:47 – Recap.


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"Stop comparing yourself to someone who is at Stage 3... when you just started Stage 1!" ~Adrienne Dorison


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