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Ep. 18 – 5 Steps To Install Leverage Into Your Business

“All one needs is the proper leverage.” – Cpt. Jack Sparrow

If you’ve been listening, then you know by now that our entire show is about helping you work SMARTER, not harder. Leverage is one of many ways to do that, and we’re going to talk about 5 steps that I’ve laid, so the only other thing to do is to plug them into your business!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 0:52 – Introduction
  • 3:03 –Stop Selling 1-on-1 – It’s not scalable! While 1-on-1 can work early on in your business, there are only so many clients you can teach at a given time. Begin to move your focus to creating a group course, where you can teach multiple clients at once.
  • 4:45 –Stop Customizing – Another factor in business growth is customization; it’s hard to scale custom sessions for individual clients, and even harder to delegate customized tasks like this. Begin to build formats that you are able to rinse & repeat as your business moves towards scaling.
  • 6:20 –Maximize Client Transformation While Minimizing Effort – Make sure your offers are providing the most value for the least effort possible. Craft modules or trainings that are value-focused and free of any fluff, and release them out over a length of time to make them easier to consume.
  • 8:42 –Focus On Fulfillment Over Sales – If you go overboard on sales, it will be harder for you to focus on the clients that you ALREADY HAVE. Make sure to be fulfilling your customers and deliver what they’ve paid for, before seeking out additional clients.
  • 9:56 –Create Automated Delivery Systems – Using automation, you can craft ways to ensure that every new client receives the attention they expect and deserve.
    • Welcome Processes – For coaches and groups; when things are automated, you’ll never have to risk ignoring a new client or forgetting to initiate a welcome process.
    • Consumption – Clients can consume what they’re buying, which will keep them coming back for more. After the welcome, new clients get automatically added to their membership, and each week they will automatically get new assignments/courses.
    • Testimonials/Referrals – Create templates for your testimonials to make things easy on your past clients who’ve agreed to vouch for you. Set up triggers so that clients who have finished a particular course will automatically be asked for a testimonial.
  • 16:52 – Recap

Have Questions?

  • Comment below with your biggest a-has or questions from the episode!

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"When you prioritize your existing clients over new sales, the sales happen anyway" ~Amanda Goldman-Petri


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