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Ep. 17 – Ditch These 3 Things For A Truly Leveraged Group Coaching Program

Group programs are meant to allow you to leverage your time by serving many clients at once, however the way it's typically done only serves to increase your overwhelm. So how do we make launching a group program easier, so you can keep your sanity? Let’s dive in to 3 tips I’ve laid out to help you in your next group coaching program launch.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 0:52 – Introduction
  • 2:02 –Ditch the Drama – Does everything have to be hard? Things are easy than you think, and usually all the stress & complications are only in your head. Shift your mindset to a point where you KNOW you can launch your program, and let it be.
  • 3:04 –Ditch the Doors – Leaving your doors open once or twice per years is not the only way to run a group. Set up an automated system that will let you accept new members at ANY TIME, always sending them appropriate content and letting them start from the beginning. This way, you only need to perfect your system ONCE.
  • 4:00 –Ditch the Fluff – Your goal is to create content and thus create VALUE. But this cannot only make you overwhelmed if you go overboard, but can quickly turn into spam. Focus on creating and giving ONLY what you need to provide massive value for your members.
  • 4:56 – Recap


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"Launching is only a roller-coaster of emotions if you allow it to be" ~Amanda Goldman-Petri


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