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Ep. 2 – Client Case Study: $300 to $16K Using My Proven Webinar Marketing System

This is a great case study on increasing your sales and the return on investment of your marketing efforts. My client Melissa Hughes, who runs Live Rich, Spread Wealth, came to me because she wanted to create automated systems to scale her business. I helped her to do just that, and it turned $331 into $16K on her first try.

Campaign Stats

  • Melissa invested $331.79 in Facebook advertising
  • 160 people registered for the webinar between ads and her mailing list
  • 17 people showed up live for the webinar (11% of the initial registrants)
  • Afterwards, 12 appointments scheduled for sales conversations about working with her (at the time I spoke to her)
  • 6 conversations were completed
  • She sold them on offers ranging from $47 to a $9,000 program
  • Her total sales were $15,922 from only these 6 conversations!

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 8:35 – Major Step #1: Create a High Converting Headline. This is super important, because it’s the first thing prospective clients see and it’s what gets them to sign-up. The headline should pre-frame what you’re selling. You want to make sure their idea of what they’re going to learn is congruent with what you’re eventually going to sell. In fact, here are the 3 Headline must-haves:
  • 9:20 – The Pain – create the headline around the pain or ache that your ideal client has. This is especially important when marketing to cold leads, because that is what they are most aware of.
  • 9:50 – Congruency – the headline must be congruent with what you’re eventually going to sell to them, as mentioned above.
  • 10:20 – Application – you want the headline to be applicable to their life. Some very successful headlines are case studies that show how you applied the content in your own life or business, and found success.
  • 10:50 – Case Study Example: Melissa’s headline that meets the three must-haves above and converted at 36% (industry standard is 20%): Discover How I REPEATEDLY Make 6-figures Every Year With Ease Without Selling Out and the Top 3 Steps You Need to Know to Do it too.
  • 13:20 – Major Step #2: Create Strategic Webinar Slides. If your content and delivery sucks, your webinar isn’t going to work. Put real intention into every single slide in your deck. Here are 3 steps to strategic webinar slides:
  • 13:55 – Create Micro Commitments – the more times you can get the prospect to say “yes” or to make a small commitment, the better because it trains them to continue saying “yes.” Example: I teach my clients to create a “promise” that the webinar attendees have to fulfill at the end of the webinar.
  • 15:20 – Create transformation, not give information – giving too much info and too much of the “how” can be overwhelming and unsatisfying. You want to satiate them enough so they feel they got value, but most importantly you want them to feel inspired to take action. Example: We narrowed Melissa’s content down to three simple steps. Within each step is one tiny “how” but there’s a ton of inspirational, transformational content.
  • 17:15 – Congruent call to action – make sure that what you’re teaching them (along with the headline) is congruent with what you’ll end up offering them. Example: Melissa’s first step in the webinar is “mindset” and she uses this to knock out objections before they even come into play.
  • 19:30 – Major Step #3: Killer Sales Conversations. If you’re offering a product over $2,000, then you’ll have to get people on the phone to offer that. Sales conversations are great for convincing people to buy the higher priced products. Here are 3 sales must-haves when having sales conversations:
  • 20:45 – Qualification – You want to pre-qualify your prospects within the webinar, and then again after they schedule a call by asking them to fill out an application. Example: Within the application, ask questions that tell you whether they’re a good fit or not. i.e. "If I asked you to invest $1,000 in Facebook ads, would you do that?”
  • 22:50 – Customer Driven Conversation – the entire conversation is about them and their problem, and how urgent solving that problem is for them.
  • 23:45 – Congruency in your offer – Hopefully you can see by now, this is super important from start to finish. In this case, you want to commit to only offering them what they need. Example: If they need what you’re offering, great, make the offer. If they don’t need it, then don’t offer it to them (stay ethical!).
  • 26:38 – Today's Action Step – Pick a day that you’re going to run your webinar and put it on your calendar. You want that date set in stone so that it gives you the push to actually start working on it. Commit to launching it on that date.

Resources Mentioned

  • the #PACK: My coaching program about how to create, grow, engage, and monetize your own Facebook Group


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