Ep. 69 – Happiness Architect Jennifer Dunham’s “From Burnout To Enjoying The Process Of Making Profits”

In this episode, Jennifer Dunham (aka The Happiness Architect) shares with us how to go from burnout to enjoying the process of making profits. Jennifer also shares how to start and end your day with happiness, the keys to creating good habits that stick, and how to improve your creativity and productivity.

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Ep. 68 – Soul Powered Business Consultant Sarah Kaler’s “7 Figure CEO Mindset”

Today we chat with Sarah Kaler, Soul Powered Business Consultant, who shares with us how to cultivate the 7 Figure CEO Mindset. Sarah also shares how to get results through the help of others, maximize your resources and relationships, and hire the right people to scale your business.

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Ep. 67 – David Pitts’s “36% Click Through Rates With Text Message Marketing”

Today we chat with David Pitts, Founder of Off Day Trainer, who shares how he got a 36% click through rate with text message marketing. David also shares his best tips on why text messages can lead to more sales, how to successfully collect phone numbers, and how to leverage those contacts.

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Ep. 66 – Marketing Coach Terry Dean’s “How Terry Dean Went From Delivering Pizza to Earning $96,250 With One Email”

Today we chat with Terry Dean, Marketing Coach, who shares with us how he went from delivering pizza to earning $96,250 with one email. Terry also shares why higher ticket offers are better, how to create scarcity to sell more, and why he's a fan of the long form sales page.

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Ep. 65 – Networking Expert Patty Farmer’s “100,000 Connections To $100,000”

Today we chat with networking expert Patty Farmer, who shares how she went from 10,000 connections to 10,000 dollars. Patty also shares her best tips on finding the best networking events to attend, following up with your connections, and how to have conversations that convert into cash.

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Ep. 64 – Melissa Pharr’s “7 Figure Sales Secrets”

Business and Wealth Creation Coach Melissa Pharr joins us in this episode to share her 7-Figure Sales Secrets. She also shares how to establish a healthy dynamic with your clients up front, how to avoid fear tactics in your sales calls, and 5 ways to identify your best money-making tasks.

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Ep. 63 – Founder of Sexy Boss™ Heather Havenwood’s “How Heather Got 200 Hours of Free Publicity”

In this episode, Heather Havenwood, Founder of Sexy Boss™, shares how she got 200 hours of free publicity. Heather also shares how she promotes her media exposure, how she gets booked on shows, and how she leverages her interviews.

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Ep. 62 – Bestselling Novelist Rocky Callen’s “From Writing Books To Making Bank”

Today we geek out with Rocky Callen, bestselling novelist, who successfully turned a profit from publishing books. Rocky shares her best tips on how to create a quality book, become a paid bestseller, and do it all with integrity.

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Ep. 61 – Creator of Tiny Happy Empire Lauren Zink’s “The Sales Page Outline That Created 500 Happy Clients”

Get your notepad ready as Lauren Zink, creator of Tiny Happy Empire, shares a few of her super nerdy tips on how to create a sales page that captures your client's attention. Packed with ingenious tools to outline your next sales page launch and successfully attract more clients.

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Ep. 60 – Creator of Foundr Magazine Nathan Chan’s “950K+ Followers In 2 Years From Instagram”

Discover how to maximize your Instagram account with Nathan Chan, creator of Foundr Magazine, who snapped his way to 950k+ followers in just two years. Nathan also shares with us how to drive traffic to your website from Instagram, and how to keep your followers happy and engaged.

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