Ep. 49 – How To Confidently Raise Your Prices And Sell High Ticket Offers

HONESTY TIME: I used to charge $297 per month to my private coaching clients! Crazy, I know! Now I charge $20,000 for a year of coaching with me.. I’ve come such a long way when it comes to charging my worth, doing it confidently, still successfully selling, AND still getting my clients a return on their investments! So, if you are looking to raise your prices too, but are experiencing anxiety or fears around it… In this episode, I want to share with you 3 things that you can do to get over that anxiety about charging high ticket for your offers!

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Ep. 48 – Networking Expert Tor Refsland’s How You Can Become An Authority & Charge Premium Prices

This week Networking Expert Tor Refsland, who is also one of our experts on the Millionaire Masterclass Series ( is joining us to share: How You Can Become An Authority & Charge Premium Prices, Even Though You Just Started Out Today.

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Ep. 47 – Growing Your Business Vs. Scaling Your Business

Are you growing your business or SCALING it? Those are two very different things, and yet most business owners and coaches don't seem to know the difference. In this episode, I'm going to clarify EXACTLY what they are and which one you should focus on right now.

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Ep. 46 – Branding Strategist Minling Chuang’s Branding Like A Boss

Branding Expert Minling Chuang, who also happens to the the “Challenge Expert” in the Market Like A Nerd Millionaire Masterclass Series (, is joining us today to share with us her 3 best tips for Branding Like A Boss, so that you have a brand that is memorable, known by name, and establishes you as an authority!

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Ep. 45 – How To Handle Haters As Your Business Grows

As your business grows its visibility, authority, and income…you will experience more Haters than ever before. At first it may come as a shock and it won't feel good, but in this episode I'm going to share with you my 3 tips for how to Handle the haters, so that you can at least shorten the shock period and know what to do when it happens.

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Ep. 44 – Millionaire Mindset Expert Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro’s Top 3 Million Dollar Money Blocks

True wealth is about unlimited wealth, the feeling of freedom, and the feeling of joy that comes from money. There are many business owners who talk about making money online, but when you look closer, they do not have “TRUE WEALTH”. Sarah is an expert at identifying your money blocks keeping you from millions at more, so that you can do MORE than just earn money…you can truly create unlimited wealth.

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Ep. 43 – Life + Biz Success Coach Reina Pomeroy’s Social Glue Method

Business owners often work too hard on selling people their service. Reina's social glue method is about actually connecting with people and not forcing yourself down their throats, so that the sale just happens naturally and feels good for everyone. This takes away the dread of marketing and allows you to simply delight in being of service to people.

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Ep. 42 – Business Strategist Christine Gallagher’s How to Build a Team That Supports Your Growth – for Ultimate Leverage!

I always say that if you want a sustainable and scalable business, you must do 3 things: Leverage, Automate, and Delegate. Well, today, we're focusing on Leverage & Delegation. Educating us on the topic we have here: Business Strategist Christine Gallagher! She's going to share with us her 3 top tips for building a team for ultimate leverage in your business. Listen in!

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Ep. 41 – Become A Renowned Industry Expert In 3 Simple Steps

I'm going to make you famous! I mean, it’s no secret that I am pretty big freaking deal *brushes shoulders off* (just kidding… or am I?)… So if you want to be a big freaking deal in your industry too, then you have to be seen as an authority or expert in your niche. No matter your industry… if you want to have name recognition, to make an impact, and experience seamless sales too, you have to be seen as an authority or an expert in what you do!

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Ep. 40 – Millionista Mentor Stephanie Nickolich’s The Art of 7 Figure Sales Funnels

In this episode, I'm geekin' out with fellow sales funnel lover Stephanie Nikolich, who grew a million dollar business while living life as a single mama! She's going to share how to unlock your passive profit potential and set up sales funnels that really work so that you can bring in sales and clients each and every day WITHOUT having to work so hard! [WARNING: It's going to get a bit nerdy in here!]

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