Ep. 59 – Co-Founder of Screw The 9 To 5 Jill Stanton’s “Make Big Moolah With Memberships”

Today we chat with Jill Stanton, co-founder of Screw The 9 to 5 online community. In this episode, Jill shares her personal and professional insights on how to cultivate your own online community, maintain a consistent retention rate, and make more money with membership programs.

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Ep. 58 – Adam Urbanski’s “The Anatomy of a Million Dollar Coaching Program: How to Turn Your Know-How Into Your Cash Cow With Big Ticket Offers”

Today we connect with Adam Urbanski, a zealous believer in free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and that only you determine the limits of your success. In this episode, we get a behind the scenes look at Adam's multi-million dollar business, the difference between marketing and selling, and how to package and sell big ticket offers.

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Ep. 57 – Creator of The Ultra Spiritual Comedy Series JP Sears’s From Ultra Authentic To Ultra Profitable

Today's guest is JP Sears, creator of The Ultra Spiritual Comedy Series on YouTube. In this episode, we dive right into how JP goes from ultra authentic to ultra profitable by merging his emotional healing practice and his love of comedy, and most importantly, embracing his weird messiness.

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Ep. 56 – Love Based Copywriting with Michele PW

Today we're having Michele PW onto the show, who is the leading expert on Love-Based Copywriting, an approach that challenges the typical fear-based, pushy energy of typical direct response copywriting. If you have learned from traditional sales and copywriting experts and still have this icky feeling inside of you, and really wish there was a better way to communicate to your ideal client without feeling gross in the process, Michele's approach is probably exactly what you need. It's copywriting that FEELS GOOD and gets RESULTS too!

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Ep. 55 – The Dos And Donts Of Facebook Groups

I am mildly obsessed with Facebook Groups, so in this episode you will learn some important Dos and Donts for how to engage and market in Facebook Groups!

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Ep. 54 – Best Selling Author and Success Strategist Kate Butler’s Success Despite Sabotage

Today you're going to learn from best-selling author and success strategist Kate Butler who went from stay-at-home mom to super successful work-from-home mom. Kate reveals how to spot self-sabotage before it happens and how to transmute that energy into attracting something better.

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Ep. 53 – Keep Your Lifestyle Business Afloat On Vacation

I love me some vacations and I’ve got a couple coming up here, so I wanted to talk about… how do you take vacations and still make sure that your business is going to be sustainable in the meantime while you are gone? How will your business operate and you not have to worry? How can you go away without being attached to your phone or email? It really comes down to having plans and operating procedures that dictate how your business is going to operate when a vacation is coming up and when it’s actually happening. Let's dive in!

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Ep. 52 – How Dan Henry Made $100k in a Month with an Online Course While Wearing Batman Underwear

Today you're going to learn from my fellow marketing nerd Dan Henry who makes bank while wearing batman underwear. Dan is going to walk us step by step through his case study of how he generated 6 figures using webinars and Facebook advertising.

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Ep. 51 – The Good And Bad Of “Masterminds” – How To Run (Or Join) A GOOD One!

Today I want to talk to you is not just what a Mastermind really is, but what it really SHOULD BE! This includes lessons from joining $11-$30K/yr Masterminds, what has worked, what hasn't worked.. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! After you listen to this episode, you'll know what to look for in a mastermind that you join OR how to run one successfully yourself.

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Ep. 50 – VA Growth Hacks

This ones for my VAs and done-for-you service providers in the house! Here are 5 HACKS that catapulted my done for you business to $150K in 4 months at the age of 23!

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